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Ethics and Health Institutions

Course Number
3000 (Bioethics)
Course Instructor(s)
Sally Bean

Course Description

This course explores ethics in health care from an organizational and health systems perspective.  Course readings are drawn from an interdisciplinary literature, including management, social sciences, law, business ethics, and bioethics. Guest speakers will contribute their experience from a range of practice-based perspectives.

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • develop an understanding of ethics practice at an organizational level;
  • become familiar with the field of organizational ethics;
  • explore approaches to analyze and address ethical issues arising at an organizational level in healthcare institutions (e.g., stakeholder analysis, organizational ethics frameworks, etc.);
  • establish a basic foundation for analyzing organizational and health systems ethics issues; and
  • understand the ethical continuum between clinical, organizational, public health and health systems ethics.

Methods of Assessment

Class participation 20%
Ethics Policy Brief 40%
Group Presentation (Health Systems Ethics Issue) 40%