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Foundations of Practice I​I

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Tracie Burke

Course Description

The course introduces the student to the foundations of dietetic practice in nutrition care required for immersion in practical learning.

Course Objectives

  • to understand application of nutrition therapy to the treatment of disease
  • to understand best practice guidelines in key areas of nutrition care
  • to understand application of best practice knowledge and nutrition care process in a case study
  • to understand diverse roles of dietitians in various areas of nutrition care practice
  • to be able to do critical problem solving
  • to be able reflect on personal assumptions, biases and reactions to providing care to vulnerable populations

Methods of Assessment

Participation 10%
Student Facilitation 30%
Case Study 30%
Written Reflection 30%

General Requirements

Co-Requisite: CHL5650H, CHL5652H