Health-​in-​all-​Policies: Approaches to Achieve a Healthier City

Course Number
5800 (Health Promotion)

Course Description

This health-focused policy course takes a practical and experiential approach to developing in-depth skills in analyzing and creating policy options directed at real world issues. The course focuses on municipal decision-making and the opportunity for cities to leverage local policy change towards provincial and even federal uptake of policy innovation.

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Course Objectives

  • To learn how to apply a healthy public policy framework to real world health issues and decision making towards achieving a healthy city for all
  • To understand the complexities of developing successful healthy public policies
  • To expose students to a range of local government policy specialists and community collaborators active on topical urban issues that impact the public’s health
  • To examine decision making on social and environmental determinants of health at the municipal level

Methods of Assessment

Observation of  Decision-Making Event
4 pages
Policy Analysis
Analysis report (4-5 pages)
Student-led Seminar
Presentation slides.
Class engagement plan (1- 2 pages)
Policy Development
5-6 pages

General Requirements

There are no specific course prerequisites however students should have some background in social, environmental or economic dimensions of public health and have a basic understanding of the social determinants of health.