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Health Promotion 2

Course Number
CHL5104H (formerly CHL5803H)
5100 (Social and Behavioural Health Science)
Course Instructor(s)
Lori E. Ross

Course Description

This course builds on the foundations of health promotion theory and practice covered in Health Promotion 1 (CHL5801H). Health Promotion 2 will further develop students’ understanding and competencies in relation to health promotion principles and strategies, through an advanced, systems-oriented approach. In particular, the course will deepen investigations into the planning and implementation of interventions in health promotion practice. The course reflects an ecological approach to health and health promotion and is informed by a critical social science perspective. The course material and classes are organized to encourage students’ active participation and critical issue identification and analysis, with a focus on the reciprocal relationships between individuals and their environments, reflective practice, practical challenges and current trends in health promoting activities and programs.

Course Objectives

  1. To enhance understanding of the defining principles of health promotion practice, through an advanced systems-oriented approach;
  2. To further develop skills in evidence-based and best-practice decision-making for health promotion;
  3. To increase critical understanding of the range of strategies utilized in health promotion practice and their applications;
  4. To advance skill-development in the design and implementation of health promotion interventions;
  5. To advance your understanding of anti-oppression/anti-colonial and intersectional praxis in health promotion.

Methods of Assessment

Evidence Brief 25%
Ecological Model 30%
Systems Intervention 35%
Attendance and Participation 10%

Pre/Co-Requisite Courses