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Indigenous Social Determinants of Health in Canada

Course Number
5500 (Indigenous Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Billie-​Jo Hardy

Course Description

This course introduces students to the social determinants of health faced by Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples are First Nations, Metis and Inuit individuals, families, communities, and nations. The course will combine land-based activities to illustrate the influence of the social determinants, seminar discussions, and lectures (synchronous and asynchronous). Students will be provided with scenarios and real-world examples of issues that impact the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples.

Course Objectives

Students will gain knowledge of social determinants of health that can improve health and well-being for Indigenous people in Canada. After this course, students will have knowledge of key elements in population health approaches; be able to describe social determinants that influence Indigenous health and well-being in Canada; and have a basic understanding of systemic and institutional racism experienced by Indigenous peoples.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the twelve social determinants of health used by Health Canada, as well as the five Indigenous determinants through seminar discussions, individual and group activities, and evaluations like the photo essay. Students will have a basic understanding of the importance of land as kin and the impact that has on the social determinants and Indigenous peoples’ lives.

Methods of Assessment

Photo or Video Essay 30%
Advocacy Campaign 30%
Reflection Journal 30%
Student-led discussion 10%