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Occupational and Environmental Hygiene I

Course Number
5900 (Occupational & Environmental Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Paul Bozek

Course Description

  • Stressors and hazards found in the workplace environment;
  • Concepts underlying occupational exposure limits;
  • Scientific, technical and practical aspects of exposure measurement methods for chemical hazards in the workplace and environment generally.

Course Objectives

  • To be able to explain the role of the Occupational Hygienist;
  • To understand the wide range of stressors which can be found in the work and natural environments generally, and identify the existing and potential hazards, with emphasis on work settings;
  • To be able to apply chemical exposure limits and be able to critically evaluate the underlying concepts;
  • To gain experience in the scientific, technical and practical aspects of inhalation exposure measurement to chemicals, and should be able to select appropriate sampling strategy and analytical methodology; and
  • Interpret and communicate findings, in writing, in a professional manner to various stakeholders.

General Requirements

  • None, but due to field visits and lab, enrollment is limited