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Physical Agents I – Noise

Course Number
5900 (Occupational & Environmental Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Victoria Arrandale

Course Description

  • Physics of sound and the measurement of noise levels, doses and frequencies;
  • Strategies for undertaking a comprehensive noise survey and the standards for noise exposure;
  • Reduction of noise through engineering controls;
  • Hearing conservation and protection programs;
  • Health effects of noise and vibration.

Course Objectives

  • To demonstrate a knowledge of the physics of sound and the various sound measurement techniques used in occupational hygiene practice;
  • To apply this knowledge to the conduct of comprehensive noise surveys in order to determine noise exposures and levels in workplaces;
  • To explain the effects of exposure to industrial noise;
  • To apply engineering controls, hearing protection and hearing conservation programs to reduce the health risks of noise; and
  • To have a basic understanding of the physics and measurement of vibration, the effects associated with overexposure and the methods and strategies for exposure reduction.

General Requirements

  • None