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Public Health Policy

Course Number
5300 (Public Health Policy)
Course Instructor(s)
Robert Mitchell Schwartz, Raisa Berlin Deber

Course Description

This is an intense introductory graduate-level course in public health policy. The course has four key components: a set of required readings, self-directed research and writing for assignments, a small-group weekly tutorial, and a lecture-style overview of the weekly topics. The lectures are intended to provide summative explanation, context and illustrative case studies to further your understanding of the literature.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will have achieved the following:

  • Be familiar with the structure of the Canadian health system
  • Be aware of the scope of and types of literatures that make up public health policy discourse
  • Be able to locate key documents in public health policy (gray literature, research, advocacy papers)
  • Develop critical reading skills in this field and understand the socio-political dimensions of public health policy
  • Be aware of the major theoretical frameworks used to analyse policy change and their strengths and limitations
  • Be aware of important facets of current public health policy discourse (e.g., the precautionary principle, evidence-based decision-making and the healthy public policy movement)
  • Understand the major policy tools and players involved in public health policy making
  • Project time management: learning to balance course requirements and plan your schedule to complete required work on time and at a high level

Methods of Assessment

Written assignments (3 @ 30% each) 90%
Tutorial attendance and participation 10%