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Required Practicum Extension

Course Number
6000 (MPH Practica)

Course Description

  • The required practicum provides an opportunity for learners to apply the theory and knowledge gained in coursework by engaging in new projects and experiences in professional settings.
  • Students must have a qualified practicum supervisor and all practicum projects require approval by the Practicum Office.
  • The required courses in each field are the prerequisite courses to the practicum; therefore a practicum cannot be undertaken until all required courses have been completed. There may be mandatory activities during the required practicum; consult the field specific practicum manual for more details.
  • Throughout the practicum, it is essential for learners to reflect on and record their experiences and to engage in regular discussions with their practicum supervisor about their practicum progress.
  • Consult the field-specific practicum manual or the Program Director for practicum evaluation details.

General Requirements