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MScCH Required Practicum

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)

Course Description

The required practicum provides an opportunity for learners to apply the theory and knowledge gained in coursework by engaging in new academic projects in their professional settings. The basic requirements are the same for both the required and optional practica for each of the MScCH streams. Students are required to spend a minimum of 160 hours involved in an appropriate practicum to earn the 0.5 FCE credit. Students must also identify a practicum supervisor and all practicum projects require the approval of their MScCH Program Director.

Because the practicum involves the hands-on application of knowledge obtained via coursework, the practicum activities must be new endeavors that are related to either an area of academic core competency(1) or one of the Faculty of Medicine’s faculty promotion planks(2), to which the learner has been exposed, during previous MScCH coursework.

Throughout the practicum, it is essential for learners to reflect on and record their experiences and to engage in regular discussions with their practicum supervisor about their practicum progress.

The practicum evaluation is based on the student’s record of experiences; a 2-3 page scholarly, analytical and reflective report based on the overall experience; and a presentation to their classmates. It is important that you remember to register for CHL5690H on ROSI. Though the practicum is listed as a “continuous” course, we recommend that you aim to have the practicum completed and work submitted to the Program Director within 12 months of starting the practicum.

1. Harris D. et al. Academic competencies for medical faculty. Family Medicine 2007;39(5):343-350.
2. Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Academic Promotions Manual.