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Statistical Methods for Genetics & Genomics – Research Seminar and Journal Club

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Syllabus
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Course Instructor(s)
Shelley Bull, Andrew Paterson

Course Description

One hour Journal Club/Research Seminar session, held Fridays at 10am 2-3 times per month, September through April, with faculty participation.

Each seminar session is followed by one hour small-group discussion for the registered students and participating trainees, with faculty discussion leaders.  Course description:

Co-ordinated with the monthly International Speaker Seminar Series (ISSS) organized as part of the STAGE Training Program in Advanced Genetic  Epidemiology. STAGE guest speaker talks are held Friday at 12 noon.

Course Objectives

Goals and Objectives:

  • To understand current developments in statistical genetic/genomic methods and current analytic issues in genetic epidemiology;
  • To become familiar with sources of methodology literature for the design and analysis of investigations in statistical genetics, statistical genomics, and genetic epidemiology;
  • To develop critical evaluation skills for underlying theory and/or applications of current study designs and statistical analysis methods; and
  • To develop skills in communication and presentation in an inter-disciplinary setting.

Methods of Assessment

Students are expected to:
(1) attend Friday journal club sessions & seminars, including CANSSI STAGE ISSS
(2) present in one journal club session, and
(3) submit a short paper.

Grading is CR/NCR

General Requirements

Audience: Senior Graduate students in Biostatistics, Epidemiology or Statistics

Prerequisites: Biostatistics/Statistics coursework at the graduate level.

Pre/Co-requisite: CHL5224H or STA480/STAT2080 or equivalent (with permission of the course instructors)