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Survival Analysis I

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Instructor(s)
Olli Saarela

Course Description

The aim of this course is to get familiar with the most important concepts and methods in analysis of censored survival data, with the main emphasis in regression modelling. After taking the course, the students are able to apply and understand the most important non- parametric, semi-parametric and parametric approaches to analyzing survival data. The students are able to choose, check and interpret an appropriate model to answer a specific question, with a contrast being made between models developed for investigating covariate effects, and models developed for prediction purposes.

Course Objectives

  • It is intended to provide an analytical foundation and to present current techniques for the statistical analysis of survival data.

General Requirements

  • Mathematical Statistics I (STA2112H) and II (2212H) or equivalent, taken concurrently or recently; experience using a statistical software package, such as SAS, SPLUS, R and/or STATA.

Pre/Co-Requisite Courses