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Theory & Practice of Behaviour Change in Health Professional Settings

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Abbas Ghavam-​Rassoul

Course Description

The boundaries of providing quality health care are expanding. Clinical professionals are expected tot take central roles in promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles. Understanding an individual’s values, beliefs and health priorities increases the chance that a behavior change goal will be successful and then maintained. A client-centered approach is critical to enhancing and deepening this understanding.

The course will include lectures with assigned readings, planned practice activities, videoclip observation.

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to help clinical professional’s review, reflect upon and then refine both their relationship building skills and approach to lifestyle and behavior change in the clinical setting. Emphasis will be placed on different modalities and their related strategies that are useful in helping people change. Motivational interviewing, brief/solution focused and cognitive behavioral frameworks will be the primary modalities reviewed and discussed. The role and relationship of a client-centered approach to lifestyle behavior change is not an isolated event, but a process that often involves others. Most clinical professionals work in collaboration with health professionals/have teaching responsibilities. Therefore, the course goal extends to helping learners develop an understanding of the skills necessary to teach other clinical professionals the concepts necessary to assist others with health behavior change.

Methods of Assessment

Short Paper 15%
Presentation 25%
Long Paper 50%
Participation 10%

General Requirements

Registration in a Graduate Studies Program related to Health Sciences.
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