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Our Mission

The Equity Diversity and Inclusion Office works to ensure DLSPH is a brave place for students, faculty and staff to study, teach, work, and progress regardless of their intersecting identities. The EDIO will support the DLSPH in its commitment to upholding the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Our Vision

  • All students, faculty and staff at DLSPH have fundamental understandings to help create equitable and inclusive spaces to work, teach and learn.
  • Our systems and processes are designed to embrace practices of EDI and anti-racism reflect principles of social justice.
  • Our collective impact outside DLSPH walls leverage diverse perspectives to create positive changes in public health and health systems.

The DLSPH Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office has been created to support students, faculty, and staff in advancing in these areas of change.

DLSPH EDI Priorities
After engaging with some students, faculty and staff, a need for change in some specific areas surfaced. Underpinned by a commitment to transparency and accountability, the EDI Office will support DLSPH in the work of that change in the following areas:

DLSPH EDI Priorities for Phase 1 which includes Recruitment, Hiring and Appointments, Student Support and Curricula Enhancement. Only these items are shaded to represent phase 1. Phase 2 includes Recognition, Promotion and Retention, Incidents, Disclosures and Complaints, EDI and Anti-Racist Competencies. Phase 3 includes sustainable resources, research and publications and additional learning opportunities.

Phase 1 of DLSPH EDI Priorities

Learn more about the phases and priorities here.

Phase 1 of DLSPH EDI Priorities

Recruitment, Hiring and Appointments

Address systems that may hold discriminatory practices and create barriers to attracting and hiring high-quality applicants from underrepresented groups to DLSPH

Commitment Vision
Increased Diversity of Students, Staff, Faculty and Leadership
Address underrepresentation to ensure diverse experiences, intersections, perspectives, and thought inform teaching, discussion, and the DLSPH environment

Staff, Faculty, Leadership Appointments: Expanding posting locations, qualification indicators, search and recruitment, and other efforts to support diversity in experiences and thought are informing teaching and decision-making

Students: Continued focus on increasing access

Community Investment: Establish pathways to support scholars from and increase presence in underrepresented communities

Improved Hiring Process
Address processes that may inequitably exclude high-quality applicants
Hiring process should broaden candidate pool and support diversity at each stage of the recruitment, search and interview processes allowing for diverse skills to show value

Student Support

Improve the provision and communication of mental health support for Black, Indigenous, other communities and all intersections currently underserved by current offerings, while recognizing student commitments to improving school environment

Commitment Vision
Improved Communication of Existing Mental Health Support
Students should be aware of resources available to them when they need support
Knowledge of what supports are available, where to access them, and how, are effectively communicated and part of student knowledge
Mental Health Support that is Responsive to Needs of Students
When in need, students should have access to support where they feel understood
Responsive resources that properly support the different needs of students from communities that are, and have been, systemically oppressed
Recognition Policy for Student Advisory Engagements
Recognition and appreciation of students who share their time and perspective to help shape EDI-AR work
Volunteered time of students are appreciated and appropriately recognized

Curricula Enhancement

Addressing existing gaps in curricula to maintain excellence in curricula offerings and ensuring graduates are fully prepared to safely work with diverse communities and an evolving work environment with growing EDI-AR priorities

Commitment Vision
Evolution of Existing Curricula
Ensuring that content being taught recognizes the value of diverse content, pedagogy and perspectives, while preparing graduate for changing environment they will enter
Faculty should be able to map where appropriate EDI-AR learnings are happening within their courses or programs
New Programs, Courses, and Curricula DLSPH graduates should not leave without opportunities to attainĀ  fundamental EDI-AR competencies and the application to their field

If you would like to learn more about the office or get involved in advancing these priorities please contact us atĀ