MSU College of Human Medicine’s Division of Public Health in Flint, Michigan.  
  • August 19-21, 2020 from 12:00pm to 12:00pm

On August 19-21, 2020, you are invited to attend the 2020 International Conference: Advancing Health Equity through Community and Economic Development. This conference will be hosted by our partner the MSU College of Human Medicine’s Division of Public Health in Flint, Michigan.

The conference will explore issues of community and economic development and their impact on health equity – topics of discussion relevant to global conversations.

“This is an exciting partnership and a great opportunity to see health equity in action in Flint,” states Debra Furr-Holden, associate dean for public health integration at MSU.

The conference will bring together invited community representatives, faith-based partners, administrators in higher education, academic faculty, students, health officials, funders and policy makers from around the world. Participants will learn from each other, engage in dialogue and highlight partnerships to identify research collaborations that will address health equity through community and economic development.

The 2020 International Conference will:

  • Explore the institutional and systemic factors contributing to economic development and health inequity;
  • Highlight examples and existing collaborations of community-campus partnerships that are advancing economic development and health equity;
  • Build momentum for policy solutions that help communities and institutions navigate the current environment, and more effectively assert their interests through policy development and engagement;
  • Strengthen the growing international movement to deepen community engagement through authentic community partnerships; and
  • Create new partnerships amongst institutions of higher education, local communities and national stakeholder organizations to advance a public health agenda for change.

The CCPH conference is an inclusive learning environment where all are embraced for the knowledge, perspective, and experience they bring. CCPH will invite both national and regional leaders to discuss health equity initiatives that are working.

CCPH is looking forward to partnering with Michigan State University for this conference. Our last international conference ended with a panel on Flint and the water crisis. The power of community-campus partnerships has been made evident throughout Flint’s continued recovery. During the conference, we will learn about some of these partnerships in action.

CCPH and MSU is moving forward in the planning of the conference in partnership with a local planning committee who will first outline guiding principles for the conference to assure that the greatest health and eco and aspirations of the local community are honored.

Michigan State University’s core values are centered on service, outreach and community engagement. Its mission is to promote solution-based models that address national public health challenges. As co-collaborators for the CCPH 2020 International Conference, MSU and CCPH will provide new opportunities for other academic institutions to embody these values and further the work towards health equity and social justice partnerships.

For more information about the 2020 International Conference, CLICK HERE!