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  • October 26-30, 2020 from 10:00am to 3:00pm

This virtual event showcases and celebrates Public Health Sciences Masters and PhD students’ practical work experiences and original research.  Masters and PhD students’ pre-recorded narrated powerpoint posters will be featured virtually throughout the week of October 26th 2020. We look forward to learning about and sharing students’ work!

We are very excited to announce that the 2020 Research and Practice Virtual Showcase has begun!


Monday, October 26, 2020:   To start off this week, today’s theme is policy, prevention, and social determinants of health.  Please click here to view the abstracts and 3-minute presentations of the students featured.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020:  The theme for Day 2 is infectious and non-communicable diseases.  Please click here to view the abstracts and 3-minute presentations.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020:  Day 3 of Research and Practice Showcase features the work of students in the areas of marginalized populations and global health.  Click here to view the abstracts and 3-minute presentations.

Thursday, October 29, 2020:  Today we celebrate the work of students in the area of occupational health, ethics, knowledge translation, injury, and LGBTQ+. Click here to view the abstracts and 3-minute presentations.

Friday, October 30, 2020: To wrap things up, today’s theme is mental and environmental health.  Click here to view the abstracts and 3-minute presentations.

Submitted abstracts will also be considered for publication in a special conference issue of the University of Journal of Public Health (UTJPH). UTJPH is a student-run peer-reviewed journal at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Author’s of abstracts selected for publication will be contacted directly by an Editor at the journal to collect final approval and other information necessary for publication. If you have any questions, please email


Friday, September 25th ,2020 5pm  Students will submit abstracts – these will be included in the program flyers and featured all week.

Monday, October 5th, 2020  Students will be notified of the decision regarding abstract submission.

October 12th, 2020 5pm  Students will submit a narrated PowerPoint poster MP4 file

Instructions for Abstract submission – same for Masters and PhD students:

  • Maximum of 300 words
  • Written for a wide audience, outlining the public health impact and implications of the work.
  • Written clearly and concisely for a multidisciplinary audience. Think about what any DLSPH student/faculty would need to know in order to understand this poster and why should they be interested?
  • Why is it important for public health?
  • What does it contribute to public health?

Masters & PhD students:  Video 1 How does the Narrated PowerPoint poster showcase work?

Narrated PowerPoint poster submission – we encourage all MPH students to submit an abstract for any interesting DLSPH practicum or research work. Once accepted, you will be asked to submit a 3-minute Narrated Powerpoint poser file in MP4 format. These posters can showcase work from any stage of research or practical experience.

  • Note that these will not be judged. The purpose is to showcase your work to your peers, faculty and community partners.
  • The above video is an example of a narrated PowerPoint MP4 file. Instead of the slide, you would speak over your poster slide.  Only 1 poster slide is expected.
  • You do not need to record with your camera on.  First, create or open a PowerPoint slide. Next, write your 3-minute presentation. Then record the presentation in PowerPoint and save as an MP4 file. For instructions on how to create a narrated PowerPoint poster MP4 file, check out this video.
  • All students’ pre-recorded narrated Powerpoint posters will be featured all week between October 26-October 30.
  • You do not need to present or do anything between October 26-30.  We will generate a program flyer with your abstract and link to your 3-minute poster presentation.
  • Many first years would find these presentations particularly helpful in navigating their academic careers and our community partners would also appreciate these interesting pre-recorded poster presentations.

At the time of submission, students can classify their poster in 1 of the 2 categories: Practice or Research:

Practice: The poster focuses on your practicum experience or projects you worked on, that may or may not be research related.

Research: The poster presents a research project. It will most likely be set up as a conventional research poster with background, methods, results and implications.

For instructions on how to create a narrated PowerPoint poster MP4 file, check out the following video.

PhD students:

We strongly encourage PhD students to participate in the Research and Practice showcase by submitting an abstract and narrated PowerPoint poster presentation.  There will be a special feature of all PhD students’ poster presentations.


Late submissions not be considered.

Questions: Contact Co-leads Anica Butters and Sabrina Hyde