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  • November 23, 2022 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm


Dr. Choi will be speaking about his lifetime work in public health, as Research Scientist in the Public Health Agency of Canada and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto and University of Ottawa. This is an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons from a renowned scientist.

Title of Talk: Four Decades in Public Health

In this talk, Dr. Choi shares his real stories, wisdom and humour on what he has learned from his 40 years of work in public health, including his 180-degree change from hating to loving statistics, his transformation from an introvert to a global public speaker, his use of crowdsourcing for important health information not available from population surveys, his use of mnemonics/acronyms and information technology for health communication, his international assignments for ILO and PAHO, and his passion in co-founding several Canadian and international professional networks. The objective of the talk is to inspire new public health professionals to develop a love for statistics and public speaking, never give up, and reach their full potentials in their own areas of their choosing.

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