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  • December 8, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm

On Wednesday, December 8, from 12-1:30 PM, Dr. Ruth Rodney will present in CQ’s latest online seminar. There will be a 1-hour presentation and moderated discussion, followed by a 30-minute informal chat with the presenters. The Zoom link to join the seminar will be emailed to participants on the morning of the presentation.

Title: Implementing Emancipatory Research Approaches: Anti-Colonial Strategies For and About EDI and Anti-Oppression Work

Abstract: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Anti-oppression (AO) policies are implemented in research to acknowledge and address intersecting systemic barriers for marginalized populations. Many grant applications for example, now include questions about EDI as a mandatory section to ensure researchers have considered how research designs perpetuate discriminatory practices. Commonly researchers ‘check all boxes’ on these applications, which include i) consideration for diversity in research teams, ii) opportunities for training and development, as well as iii) a focus on inclusive research teams. What, however, does EDI and AO look like in praxis and how/is EDI and AO adhered to in the research field? In this session, I reflect on my current study that examines the experiences of racialized women workers who work within EDI and AO policy led women’s organizations in the gender-based violence sector and highlight tensions that have arisen throughout the recruitment and data collection phase. Drawing on Indigenous and Black critical feminist theories, I describe how some of these tensions have been resolved and the possible implications for those who are engaging in critical qualitative research in terms of moving beyond simply meeting the expectations of EDI requirements. Moreover, I discuss how the research process has been a site of transformative resistance and emancipation for a team of racialized women researchers and community members.