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  • October 30, 2023 from 12:00pm to 1:30am


On Monday, October 30, from 12-1:30 PM, Dr. Astrid Escrig-Pinol will present in CQ’s latest online seminar. There will be a 1-hour presentation and moderated discussion, followed by a 30-minute informal chat with the presenter. The Zoom link to join the seminar will be emailed to participants upon registration.

Title: The emojional calendar: Easing the burden of data overwhelm through methodological innovation in qualitative family health research

Abstract: Qualitative family health research is rife with methodological challenges stemming from the heterogeneity of the unit of analysis – the family. Family research that is properly attentive to differences in, for example, age/generation, gender, and literacy level, requires large samples and the use of multi-method designs, resulting in rich but massive datasets. In this presentation I offer a methodological innovation, the emojional calendar, a method aimed at easing the burden of data overwhelm. Reporting on my doctoral work, I explicate the rationale for integrating this theory-informed methodological advancement in the study, and its use of emoji as an entry point to discuss mental and emotional health with Mexican transnational families. Incorporating a timeline, the emojional calendar facilitates the structuring of participants’ data chronologically which significantly aids intra- and inter-family analyses. Drawing on the challenges I encountered while developing, implementing and assessing this method, I reflect on the role of creativity and innovation in critical qualitative health research and its potential as a rigour-enhancing strategy.