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  • June 2, 2022 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Join the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Office and partners for an engaging panel dialogue on race, disability and the impacts of COVID-19.

In Canada, COVID-19 has exacerbated longstanding inequities and created new institutional and systemic inequities for disabled people, that are rooted in ableism. An intersectional analysis that considers multiple interrelated identities such as race, gender, age, social location, economic status and other elements is important as it further reveals the persistent and invisible injustices diverse disability communities have historically and presently are still facing. In this panel discussion, we bring our research, professional, community, and personal lived experiences of differences to this critical conversation. We discuss the inequities experienced by diverse disability communities and suggest pathways forward for community and post-secondary education.

Our panel:

· Professor Karen Yoshida, University of Toronto

· Professor Ana Fudge Schormans, McMaster University

· Chavon Niles, University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children

· Susan Mahipaul, Western University

· Jheanelle Anderson, University of Toronto

· Wendy Porch, Centre for Independent Living Toronto

This event is open to all.