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  • June 26, 2024 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm


The Centre for Global Health would like to invite you to a virtual panel on Wednesday June 26th 12-1:30pm ET on Embracing Trust, Interdisciplinarity and Alternative Data to Address Global Public Health Challenges. The Panel will feature Neil Seeman, V. Kumar Murty, Sukarmina Singh Shankar and moderated by Erica Di Ruggiero.

About this event

How should we measure, manage and mitigate the major global health challenges of our time? Sustainability researcher Sukarmina Shankar, mathematician V. Kumar Murty of The Fields Institute, and IHPME Senior Fellow Neil Seeman will speak to three interdependent factors that are critical amid a complex and complex dynamic public health system: embracing trust, pursuing interdisciplinarity, and leveraging alternative data. What is trust? How do we measure it? What is interdisciplinarity? How can we apply it in a purposeful manner to advance public health scholarship? What is alternative data and how can we use it to address public health challenges? What do these concepts portend for leadership in public health and health systems? The speakers’ intertwined experiences amid COVID-19 have furthered their understanding about the importance of these overlapping factors. They are eager to share their learnings and to facilitate a dialogue to refine these concepts and to support future collaborations.