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  • July 21, 2021 from 12:30pm to 2:00pm


** This is an interactive session with a capacity limit of 100 with a waitlist.
If you are no longer able to attend the session, please cancel your ticket to open up space for others**

Johnston Research Inc.’s full course on Honouring Reconciliation in Evaluation is currently taught over several partial days in a workshop format. Our July 21st session is a mini-workshop during which you will sample this learning process being exposed to the key knowledge and tools that can be integrated in your evaluation decision making.
Time for Change: Western approaches to evaluation have remained essentially static for decades. Further, they don’t reflect the realities of Indigenous culture and experience. It’s time to remove the barriers to Indigenous-led evaluation practices.

Embracing Reconciliation: Rather than divorcing entirely from Western practice, this course provides an exploratory path of reconciliation. You will learn to recognize the intersection between Indigenous cultural foundations and the current, widely practiced, Western approach to evaluation. Evaluation approaches are shaped by culture and experience. Hence, wearing an Indigenous Evaluation Lens is fundamentally different. In this workshop we will build confidence in understanding the theoretical underpinnings of evaluative thought from our own perspective, and from Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

The objectives of the workshop are:
1) This workshop offers a unique and inspiring experience that features ground-breaking discussion on concrete ways to bring reconciliation into evaluation.
2) Through this workshop you will learn about new Indigenous informed tools .
3) Taking reconciliation as a starting point, in this workshop you will examine the key features of an Indigenous evaluation framework.