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Webinars will be held via Zoom, details will be sent to all registered participants via EventBrite.
  • September 15, 2023 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Title: Environmental Equity Mapping Tools for All

HealthyDesign.City (HDC) is a new pair of web-based applications for mobilizing urban environmental data amassed by the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE). The initial launch of HDC in July 2022 was featured by CBC/Radio Canada in their series of stories around climate change, heat risks and equity. The first full release of HDC will be early this fall and will include a broader suite of data allowing users to consider multiple factors important to minimizing health risk and inequities such as air and noise pollution and access to beneficial aspects of healthy cities. Key audiences of HDC are urban planners and public health officials and local advocacy groups seeking standard data supporting their interests in improving their neighbourhoods towards health benefits and city-level reductions in inequities in environmental exposure. This seminar will introduce HDC and then delve into applications of the tool to explore what can be learned.

Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Brook

Dr. Brook is an Associate Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. For over 25 years he was a research scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada. He has wide ranging expertise related to air quality and environmental health, contributing to the development of Canadian policy through his research, participation on national and international committees, past leadership on federal science assessments and through studies on children’s health via his leadership role on the CHILD Cohort Study. Dr. Brook started and serves as the scientific director of the Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (, which represents an open data resource for Canadian researchers. He is one of the co-directors of HealthyDesign.City, which aims to make CANUE data visualization and analysis tools widely accessible.