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Faculty Member

Garry Aslanyan DMD, MPH, FRCD(C)

Email Address(es)
Clinical Public Health Division
Centre for Global Health
Adjunct Professor

Research Interests

  • Global Health and global health research
  • Research capacity building
  • Comparative health policy and systems
  • Public health policy and systems thinking in public health

Professional Summary & Appointments

Dr. Aslanyan is currently the Manager of Partnerships and Governance at the World Health Organization (WHO) Special Programme on Research and Training on Tropical Diseases in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to joining the WHO, Dr. Aslanyan was federal public servant working with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Department Foreign Affairs, Trade and Developemnt (DFATD) in Ottawa.

  • Adjunct Professor, Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia
  • Adjunct Professor, International Health, School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, University of Ottawa
  • Member, Guidelines Review Committee, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Editorial Advisor, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Editor-in-Chief, UN Special Magazine, WHO-UN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto
  • Chair, Policy and Advocacy Committee, Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry (CAPHD)
  • Member, Canadian Coalition for Public Health in 21st Century (CCPH21)
  • Member, Oral Health Working Group, World Federation of Public Health Associations
  • Chair, Board of Directors, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR)
  • Speciality license in dental public health, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO)
  • Councillor for Dental Public Health, Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC)
  • Past President, Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA)

Representative Publications

Ogundahunsi OAT, Vahedi M, Kamau EM, Aslanyan G, Terry RF, et al. Strengthening Research Capacity—TDR’s Evolving Experience in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2015; 9(1):3380

Cole DC, Aslanyan G, Dunn A, Boyd A, Bates I. Dilemmas of evaluation: health research capacity initiatives Bull World Health Organ 2014;92:920–921

Aslanyan G. (2014) Seven principles for strengthening research capacity in low – and middle-income countries: simple ideas in a complex world. ESSENCE Good Practice Document. Geneva: World Health Organization

Bates I, Boyd A, Aslanyan G, Cole DC. Tackling the tensions in evaluating capacity strengthening for health research in low- and middle-income countries Health Policy and Planning 2014;1–11

Cole DC, Boyd A, Aslanyan G, Bates I. Indicators for tracking programmes to strengthen health research capacity in lower- and middle-income countries: a qualitative synthesis.  Health Research Policy and Systems. 2014; 12-17.

Boyd A, Cole DC, Cho D-B, Aslanyan G, Bates Imelda. Frameworks for evaluating health research capacity strengthening: a qualitative study. Health Research Policy and Systems 2013; 11:46

Aslanyan G, Chauvin J, Edwards N, King M, Raine K, Taylor G. Are we close to systems thinking in public health in Canada? Can J Public Health. 2013 Feb 25;104(2):e183

Aslanyan G. (2012) Five keys to improving research costing in low- and middle- income countries. ESSENCE Good Practice Document. Geneva: World Health Organization

Aslanyan G, Feller A, Goel V, Hawkins R, Quiñonez C, Sharma P, Tetley A. (2012) Staying ahead of the curve: A unified public oral health program for Ontario? Toronto: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, in partnership with the Association of Local Public Health Agencies, the Association of Ontario Health Centres, and the Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry.

Aslanyan G, Granger L, Edwards N, Elmslie K, Fralick P, Poirier A. The need for continuous systems thinking in public health in Canada. Can J Public Health. 2012 Mar-Apr;103(2):158

Aslanyan G. (2011) Planning, monitoring and evaluation: framework for capacity strengthening in health research. ESSENCE Good Practice Document. Geneva: World Health Organization

Yalnizyan A, Aslanyan G, Clovis J, Ito D, Marchildon G, Quiñonez C, Smith R, Welsh M. (2011) Putting our money where our mouth is: The future of dental care in Canada. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Aslanyan G, Benoit F, Bourgeault IL, Edwards N, Hancock T, King A, Salamo P, Timmings C. The inevitable health system(s) reform: an opportune time to reflect on systems thinking in public health in Canada. Can J Public Health. 2010 Nov-Dec;101(6):499

Di Ruggiero E, Zarowsky C, Frank J, Mhatre S, Aslanyan G, Perry A, Previsich N. Coordinating Canada’s research response to global health challenges: the Global Health Research Initiative. Can J Public Health. 2006 Jan-Feb;97(1):29-31.

Huynh-Vo L, Rosenbloom JM, Aslanyan G, Leake JL. Investigating the potential for students to provide dental services in community settings. J Can Dent Assoc. 2002 Jul-Aug;68(7):408-11.