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Faculty Member

Helen P. Batty

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
(416) 978-1914
Office Address
Women's College Hospital ,
Clinical Public Health Division
SGS Status
Associate Member
Appointment Status
Status Only

Research Interests

  • Teaching & learning in Health Professions
  • Faculty Development and Career "Advancement"
  • Behaviour Change

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • CHL5607H & CHL5608H
  • CHL5690H

Honours & Awards

  • 1997 Jacob's Institute of Women's Health Leadership Award
  • 2005 National Award for Outstanding Contribution to Faculty Development from AFMC
  • 2008 President's Teaching Award and member of Teaching Academy
  • 2010 Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Canadian Medical Education AFMC

Current Research Projects

  • Field Work/Practicum ePortfolios
  • Work and Career Patterns of Women and Men Physicians

Representative Publications

  1. Hrynchak P, Batty H. The educational theory basis of team-based learning. Med Teach 2012 May:1-6.
  2. Yu CHY, Batty HP. Targeting educational interventions to clinician’s stage of change. DiabResClin Pract 2010 Sep;89(3):e43-5.
  3. Leung FH, Martin D, Batty H. A theory-based curriculum design for remediation of residents' communication skills. Med Teach 2009 Dec;31(12):e555-e9.
  4. Lacasse M, Lee S, Ghavam-Rassoul A, Batty HP. Integrating teaching into the busy resident schedule: a learner-centered approach to raise efficiency (L-CARE) in clinical teaching. Med Teach 2009 Nov;31(11):E507-E13.
  5. Philpott J, Batty HP. Learning best together: Social constructivism and global partnerships in medical education. Med Educ 2009 Sep;43:923-925.
  6. Hamada H, Martin D, Batty HP. Adapting an effective counseling model from patient-centered care to improve motivation in clinical training programs. Med Ed Online 2009 Sep;11.
  7. Ratnapalan S, Batty H. To be good enough. Can.Fam.Physician 2009 Mar;55(3):239-242.
  8. Mori B, Batty HP, Brooks D. The feasibility of an electronic reflective practice exercise among physiotherapy students. Med Teach. 2008;30(8):E232-E8.
  9. Batty HP. What about the boys? Can Fam Physician. 2008 Oct;54(10):1375.
  10. Anwar H, Batty H. Continuing Medical Education Strategy for Primary Health Care
  11. Physicians in Oman: Lessons to be learnt. Oman Medical Journal 2007;22(3):33-35
  12. Leelapattana W, Jaturapatporn D, Batty HP. Cinemeducation workshop: An innovative tool for interprofessional education. A preliminary result of an application of educational theories to curriculum redesign. Education for Primary Care 2007;18(4):510-5.
  13. Batty H. “Teaching in ambulatory care settings”. In: Mohanna K, Cottrell E, Wall D, Chambers R. Teaching Made Easy: A Manual for Health Professionals. 3rd edition. Oxon, UK: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.; 2011. p. 125-134.