Faculty Member

Solomon (Solly) Robert Benatar MBChB, DSc (Med), FFA (SA), FRCP (Lond), FACP(Hon)

Email Address(es)
Office Address
Joint Centre for Bioethics 155 College Street, Room 754 Toronto, Ontario , Ontario M5T 1P8
Clinical Public Health Division
Adjunct Professor
SGS Status
Associate Member

Research Interests

  • Cross Cultural Considerations in International Research Ethics
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Global/Planetary Health Ethics
  • Global/Planetary Health
  • Health services in South Africa
  • Professionalism
  • Human Rights

Education & Training History

1965 MBChB University of Cape Town

1967-1968 General Practice, Port Elizabeth

1969-1971 Anaesthetic Registrar, Groote Schuur Hospital.

1972 Medical Registrar, Groote Schuur Hospital.

1973 Research Fellow, Northwick Park Hospital (British MRC), London.

1973-1974 Research Fellow & Honorary Registrar Brompton Hospital/Cardiothoracic Institute, London.

Other Affiliations

Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Cape Town

Past Founding Director, Centre for Bioethics, University of Cape Town

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Bioethics to medical students at the University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Module in International Research Ethics MHSc (Bioethics) University of Toronto
  • Global Health and Global Health Ethics (JCB and DLSPH)

Professional Summary & Appointments

Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town & Groote Schuur Hospital (1980-1999)

Professor of Medicine University of Cape Town (1980-2007)

Vice-President, (1989-1992); Senior Vice-President (1992-1995): Colleges of Medicine of South Africa.

Chief Physician Groote Schuur Hospital (1980-2007)

Founding Director, University of Cape Town Bioethics Centre (1992-2012)

Visiting Professor in Medical Ethics University College/Royal Free Medical School London (1997-)

South African Representative – The Novartis Foundation Scientific Advisory Panel (1998-2007)

President International Association of Bioethics (2001-2003)

Principal Investigator & Director IRENSA – A US NIH Fogarty International Center Capacity Building Program (2003-2011)

Annual Visiting Professor in Medicine & Publc Health Sciences. Univesity of Toronto (2000-2007)

Member of Faculty, McLaughlin Centre for Global Health, University of Toronto (2008-2011)

Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health (1/3 FTE, 1/4 FTE), University of Toronto (2008-2012)

Honorary/Guest member National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Human Rights (1989-)

Member Advisory Board Global Physicians and Lawyers for Human Rights (2000-)

Ethics Advisor to Medecins Sans Frontieres (2001-)

Ethics Advisor to the Nelson Mandela Foundation (2003 -)

Member Canadian Institutes of Health Research Standing Committee on Ethics (2006-13)

Honours & Awards

  • Elected Foreign Associate Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine, 1989.
  • Hans Snyckers Memorial Award 1990 (For creative contributions to Medicine in South Africa)
  • Elected Honorary Fellow American College of Physicians 1993.
  • Elected Founder Member South African Academy of Science 1994
  • Fellow Program in Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University 1994/95
  • Visiting Professor Harvard Medical School 1994/95
  • Elected Life Fellow University of Cape Town 1994
  • Elected Honorary Foreign Member American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1996.
  • Elected Fellow Royal Society of South Africa 1997
  • Elected Honorary Fellow South African Thoracic Society 2001
  • Elected Honorary Fellow College of Physicians of South Africa 2001
  • Elected Honorary Member Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, California 2002.
  • Elected Fellow of the Hastings Center, New York 2004
  • Elected Fellow Imperial College London 2005
  • Paul B Beeson Visiting Professor Yale University School of Medicine 2005
  • Golden Jubilee Award Colleges of Medicine of South Africa 2005
  • Elected Fellow of ETHOX Centre, Oxford University 2009
  • Mayor of Cape Town`s Medal for Social Affairs & Services for contributions to the study of Medicine in South Africa. 2011
  • Henry Knowles Beecher Award. Hastings Center, New York. 2013
  • Hatter Award. University of Cape Town/University College London 2015
  • Global Forum for Bioethics Award 2015

Current Research Projects

Benatar S R, Brock G. (Eds) Global Health: Ethical considerations. (CUP)  2ndEdition (in preparation)

Representative Publications

  • Benatar S.R. Global disparities in health and human rights: a critical commentary. Amer J Public Health. 1998; 88: 295-300.
  • Benatar S R, Daar A, Singer P A. Global health ethics: the rationale for mutual caring. International Affairs. 2003; 79: 107-138.
  • Benatar S R. Health care reform and the crisis of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. New Engl J Med; 2004; 351: 81-92.
  • Benatar S R Towards progress in resolving dilemmas in international research ethics. Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. 2004; 32: (4) 574-582
  • Benatar S R. Moral imagination: the missing component in global health. Public Library of Science Medicine. 2005: 2 (12) e400.
  • Benatar S R, Upshur R. Dual loyalty of physicians in the military context and in civilian life. American J Public Health 2008; 98: 2161-2167
  • Benatar S R. Ethics and tropical diseases: some global considerations. Manson’s Textbook of Infectious Diseases. 21st Edition 2003, 22nd & Edition 2008
  • Benatar S R, Doyal L. Human Rights Abuses: Balancing two perspectives. International Journal of Health Services. 2009; 39 (1) 139-159)
  • Benatar S R, Gill S, Bakker I. Making progress in global health: the need for a new paradigm. International Affairs 2009. 85 (2) 347-371.
  • Benatar S R, Upshur R. Poverty & Tuberculosis: what could (and should) be done? International Journal of Tuberculosis & Lung Diseases. 2010; 14 (10) 1215-1221.
  • Benatar S R, Gill S, Bakker I C. Global health and the global economic crisis, American Journal of Public Health 2011. 101 (4) 646-653.
  • Nixon S, Benatar S R. A critical public health ethics analysis of Canada’s international response to HIV Global Public Health. First published on line 9th March 2011.
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  • Robson G, Gibson N, Thompson A, Benatar S, Denburg A.  Global Health Ethics:The Scope of an Emerging Field, 1977- 2015. BMC Medical Ethics (2019)20:53https://doi.org/10.1186/s12910-019-0391-9
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