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Ann Natalie Burchell BSc, MSc, PhD

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St. Michael's Hospital 30 Bond Street Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W8
Epidemiology Division
Associate Professor
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Research Interests

Dr. Burchell is a Canada Research Chair in Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention. She uses epidemiological data to improve prevention and health care services for STIs and minimize the complications of STI-associated diseases, including HIV, human papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

She has extensive methodological experience in the design and implementation of: observational longitudinal studies with primary and secondary data; sexual behaviour and health-access questionnaires; natural history studies using laboratory markers of infection; and pragmatic randomized trials for HPV prevention and improved screening for syphilis, cervical and anal cancer. She currently holds a Foundation Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

  • Infectious disease epidemiology
  • STI/HIV Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology of human papillomavirus and HPV-associated cancers

Dr. Burchell is currently accepting PhD Applications for Fall 2021/2022.

Education & Training History

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, Epidemiology, 2009, McGill University

MASTER OF SCIENCE, Community Health – Epidemiology Program, 1997, University of Toronto

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, Honours Biology, Magna cum laude, 1994, University of Ottawa

Professional Summary & Appointments

Scientist, Department of Family and Community Medicine and MAP Centre for Urban Health, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Associate Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Epidemiology Division, University of Toronto

Co-Lead of Co-Infection and Related Conditions Core for the Canadian HIV Trials Network

Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Toronto

Honours & Awards

Canada Research Chair in Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention

Department of Family and Community Medicine Non-Clinician Research Scientist Award, University of Toronto, 2019-2020.

CAHR-CANFAR Excellence in Research Award (Epidemiology and Public Health Stream), Canadian Association for HIV Research and Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research, 2018

DFCM Award of Excellence, Research Excellence (Senior Investigator), Department of Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, 2017.

Current Research Projects

Dr. Burchell is currently leading a CIHR-funded cluster-randomized trial implementing routinized syphilis screening for HIV-positive men ( and is a co-principal investigator of the national CANOC Collaborating Centre, which combines data from HIV cohorts across Canada ( She is also active in 15 ongoing projects within the areas of HIV, HPV/HPV-related cancers, and STI natural history, prevention, and control.

Dr. Burchell is currently accepting PhD Applications for Fall 2021/2022.

Representative Publications

Burchell AN, Gardner S, Light L, Ellis BM, Antoniou T, Bacon J, Benoit A, Cooper C, Kendall C, Loutfy M, McGee F, Raboud J, Rachlis A, Wobeser W, Rourke SB. Implementation and Operational Research: Engagement in HIV Care Among Persons Enrolled in a Clinical HIV Cohort in Ontario, Canada, 2001-2011. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2015 Sep 1;70(1):e10-9.

Burchell AN, Allen VG, Gardner SL, Moravan V, Tan DH, Grewal R, Raboud J, Bayoumi AM, Kaul R, Mazzulli T, McGee F, Rourke SB. High incidence of diagnosis with syphilis co-infection among men who have sex with men in an HIV cohort in Ontario, Canada. BMC Infect Dis. 2015 Aug 20;15:356.

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Wood B, Burchell AN, Escott N, Little J, Maar M, Ogilvie G, Severini A, Bishop L, Morrisseau K, Zehbe I. Using community engagement to inform and implement a community-randomized controlled trial in the anishinaabek cervical cancer screening study. Front Oncol. 2014 Feb 19;4:27.

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Cescon A, Chan K, Raboud JM, Burchell AN, Forrest JI, Klein MB, Loutfy MR, Machouf N, Montaner JS, Tsoukas C, Hogg RS, Cooper C. Significant differences in clinical outcomes between HIV-hepatitis C virus coinfected individuals with and without injection drug use history. AIDS. 2014 Jan 2;28(1):121-7.

Samji H, Cescon A, Hogg RS, Modur SP, Althoff KN, Buchacz K, Burchell AN, et al. Closing the gap: increases in life expectancy among treated HIV-positive individuals in the United States and Canada. PLoS One. 2013 Dec 18;8(12):e81355.

Burchell AN, Allen VG, Moravan V, Gardner S, Raboud J, Tan DH, Bayoumi AM, Kaul R, Mazzulli T, McGee F, Millson P, Remis RS, Rourke SB. Patterns of syphilis testing in a large cohort of HIV patients in Ontario, Canada, 2000-2009. BMC Infect Dis. 2013 May 28;13:246.

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