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Faculty Member

Mary Louise Chipman M.A.

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Epidemiology Division
Professor Emerita
SGS Status
Member Emerita
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Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of injury and the events that result in injury
  • Traffic crashes and their prevention
  • Environmental hazards
  • Epidemiology of eye diseases
  • Risk factors related to problem gambling

Education & Training History

1960-1964 B.Sc. University of Toronto (Trinity College);l Maths and Physics, Statistics Major

1964-1965 M.A. University of Toronto (School of Graduate Studies) Statistics, Advisor D.A.S. Fraser

1968 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Summer School non-credit courses in Epidemiology

Primary Teaching Responsibilities


Professional Summary & Appointments

Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Honours & Awards

  • Ontario Graduate Student Award, l964-65
  • W.T. Aikins Award for Innovative Teaching Methods, 1987
  • Elected Fellow, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 1993
  • W.T. Aikins Award for Course/Program Coordination, 1997 (as member of Course Planning Committee for Health, Illness and the Community)
  • Northrop Frye Award, Department/Division category, 1997 (as member of Course Planning Committee for Health, Illness and the Community)
  • Robin F. Badgley Award for Teaching, Department of Public Health Sciences, March, 2007
  • Honorary Life Membership of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, June 2008

Current Research Projects

  • 2007-11 – Bicyclists’ injuries and the cycling environment (with Dr. Kay Teschke, UBC)
  • 2008-12 – Teen and Novice Driver Network (with Jeff Caird, University of Calgary and Lana Trick, University of Guelph)
  • 2010-11 – Estimates of Health Service Use Attributable to Injury in Traffic Crashes; analysis of data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)

Representative Publications

  • Chipman, M.L., MacGregor, C.G. Time vs. distance as a measure of exposure in driving surveys. Acc Anal & Prev 1992; 24(6): 679-684.
  • Chipman, M.L., Smiley, A.M., MacGregor, C.G., Lee-Gosselin, M.E.H. The role of exposure in comparisons of crash risk between different drivers and driving environments. Acc Anal & Prev 1993; 25(2): 207-211
  • Chipman, M.L., Slomovic, A.S., Rootman, D., Dixon, W.S. Changing risk for early transplant failure: data from the Ontario Corneal Registry. Can J Ophthal 1993; 28: 254-259.
  • Chipman, M.L., W. Koblin, P. Thomas. Hidden Hazards: Inappropriate Occupant Restraint for Children Aged 1-4 Years. Proceedings of 41st Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, Pp. 359-370. Des Plaines Illinois, 1997.
  • Chipman, M.L., Payne, J., McDonough, P. To drive or not to drive: the influence of social factors on the decisions of elderly drivers. Acc Anal & Prev 1998; 30(3): 299-304.
  • Chipman, M.L. Hats off (or not?) to bike helmet legislation. Can Med Assoc J 2002; 165(5): 602. (Invited editorial commentary).
  • Chipman, M.L. , Macdonald, S., Mann, R.E. Being ‘at fault’ in traffic crashes: does alcohol, cannabis, cocaine or polydrug abuse make a difference? Injury Prevention 2003; 9(4): 343-348.Chipman, M.L. Estimates of health service use attributable to injury in traffic crashes: Analysis of data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS). Final Report, T8080-09-0551. Submitted to Transport Canada, March 2011.