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Faculty Member

Paul Demers PhD

Email Address(es)
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Office Address
Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Care Ontario 505 University Ave., 17th floor Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X3
Occupational Cancer Research Centre, CAREX Canada
Occupational & Environmental Health Division
SGS Status
Full Member
Appointment Status
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Research Interests

Occupational and environmental epidemiology

Occupational and environmental exposures



Education & Training History

PhD (Epidemiology), University of Washington

MSc (Industrial Hygiene), University of Washington

Other Affiliations

Full Faculty Member, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto

Director, Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Care Ontario

Senior Scientist, Prevention & Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario

Clinical Professor, School of Population & Public Health, University of British Columbia

Scientific Director, CAREX Canada

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

CHL5410H Occupational Epidemiology

CHL5409H Cancer Epidemiology

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

Assessing the Human and Economic Burden of Occupational Cancer in Canada

The Toronto lung cancer case-control study and SYNERGY project

Cross-Canada study of pesticides and select cancers: New analyses

Update of the Ontario Uranium Miners Cohort

Development of an Ontario Mining Exposure Database

CAREX Canada: A national occupational and environmental surveillance project

Occupational Cancer Surveillance using the 1991 Canadian Census Cohort

Surveillance of occupational cancer through linkage of WSIB data to Ontario Cancer Registry

For other projects see:

Representative Publications

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