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Faculty Member

Eva Graham

Email Address(es)
Epidemiology Division
Adjunct Lecturer
SGS Status
Associate (Restricted) Member

Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of mental health and substance-related harms
  • Intersection between mental health and chronic disease
  • Social epidemiology and health inequality
  • Epidemiologic methods and population health modelling


  • PhD Epidemiology, McGill University (2020)
  • MSc Epidemiology, McGill University (2015)
  • Hons BA Cognitive Science, University of Toronto (2011)

Other Affiliations

  • Acting Manager, Substance-Related Harms Division, Centre for Surveillance and Applied Research, Public Health Agency of Canada

Recent Publications

Graham, E., Gariépy, G. & Orpana, H. (2023) System dynamics models of depression at the population level: a scoping review. Health Research Policy and Systems.

Graham., E., Zhao, B., Flynn, M., Gustafson, P., Irvine, M.A., Slaunwhite, A., Orpana, H., Kuo, M., MacDougall, L. (2022) Using Linked Data to Identify Pathways of Reporting Overdose Events in British Columbia. International Journal of Population Data Science.

Graham, E., Watson, T., Deschenes S.S., Filion, K.B., Henderson, M., Harper, S., Rosella, L.C., Schmitz, N. (2021) Depression‑related weight change and incident diabetes in a community sample. Scientific Reports. Volume 13575, pp. 13575.

Graham, E., Deschênes, S., Rosella, L., Schmitz, N. (2020) Measures of Depression and Incident Type 2 Diabetes in a Community Sample. Annals of Epidemiology. Volume 55, pp. 4-9.

Graham, E., Deschênes, S., Khalil, M., Danna, S. Filion, K., Schmitz, N. (2020) Measures of depression and risk of type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders.

Khalil, M., Power, N., Graham, E., Deschênes, S., Schmitz, N. (2020) The Association between sleep and diabetes outcomes – a systematic review. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.

Deschênes, S., Burns, R., Graham, E., Schmitz, N. (2019). Depressive symptoms and sleep problems as risk factors for heart disease: A prospective community study. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences.

Deschenes, S., Graham, E., Kivimaki, M., Schmitz, N. (2018) Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Risk of Diabetes: Examining the Roles of Depressive Symptoms and Cardiometabolic Dysregulations in the Whitehall II Cohort Study. Diabetes Care.

Graham, E., Thompson, K., Bambra, C. (2018) The association between diabetes and depressive symptoms varies by quality of diabetes care across 19 European countries. European Journal of Public Health.

Cairns, J., Graham, E., Bambra, C. (2017) Area-level socioeconomic disadvantage and suicidal behaviour in Europe: a systematic review. Social Science & Medicine. Volume 192, pp 102-111.