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Anthony Hanley Ph.D

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Department of Nutritional Sciences FitzGerald Building, 150 College St., room 341 Toronto, ON M5S 3E2
Epidemiology Division
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Non budgtry Crss

Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of type 2 diabetes & associated complications
  • Aboriginal health
  • Insulin resistance
  • Beta cell dysfunction
  • Adipose tissue biomarkers
  • Inflammation biomarkers
  • Nutritional epidemiology

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Aboriginal health (with Nel Wieman)

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

  • 1993-present – Epidemiology of type 2 diabetes and associated complications among Aboriginal Canadians
  • 2001-present – Early longitudinal changes in type 2 diabetes risk factors among women with a history of GDM
  • 2001-present – Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome and risk factors for progression to diabetes or CVD

Representative Publications

  • Hanley AJG, Festa A, D’Agostino Jr. R, Wagenknecht LE, Savage PJ, Tracy RP, Saad MF, Haffner SM. Metabolic and inflammation variable clusters and prediction of type 2 diabetes: factor analysis using directly measured insulin sensitivity. Diabetes 2004;53:1773-81.
  • Retnakaran R, Hanley AJG, Raif N, Connelly PW, Sermer M, Zinman B. Reduced adiponectin concentration in women with gestational diabetes: A Potential Factor in Progression to Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Care 2004;27:799-800.
  • Hanley AJG, Connelly PW, Harris SB, Zinman B. Adiponectin in a Native Canadian population experiencing rapid epidemiological transition. Diabetes Care 2003;26:3219-25.
  • Macaulay AC, Harris SB, Levesque L, Cargo M, Ford E, Salsberg J, McComber A, Fiddler R, Kirby R, Hanley AJG, Potvin L, Zinman B, Gittelsohn J, Phillips K, Receveur O. Primary prevention of Type 2 DM: experiences of 2 Aboriginal communities in Canada. Canadian J Diabetes 2003;27:464-475.
  • Hanley AJG, Harris SB, Mamakeesick M, Goodwin K, Fiddler E, Hegele RA, McLaughlin JR, Zinman B. Complications of type 2 diabetes among Native Canadians: increasing our understanding of prevalence and risk factors. Canadian J Diabetes 2003;27:455-463.
  • Hanley AJG, Wagenknecht LE, D’Agostino Jr. R, Zinman B, Haffner SM. Identification of subjects with insulin resistance and b-cell dysfunction using alternate definitions of the metabolic syndrome. Diabetes 2003;52:2740-47.
  • Hanley AJG, Williams K, Gonzalez C, D’Agostino Jr. R, Wagenknecht LE, Stern MP, Haffner SM. Prediction of type 2 diabetes using simple measures of insulin resistance. Combined Results from the San Antonio Heart Study (SAHS), the Mexico City Diabetes Study (MCDS), and the Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis Study (IRAS). Diabetes 2003;52:463-469.
  • Hanley AJG, Williams K, Stern MP, Haffner SM. Homeostasis model assessment insulin resistance (HOMA IR) in relation to the incidence of cardiovascular disease: The San Antonio Heart Study. Diabetes Care 2002;25:1177-84.
  • Harris SB, Zinman B, Hanley AJG, Gittelsohn J, Hegele R, Connelley P, Shah B, Hux J. The impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on cardiovascular risk factors and ischaemic heart disease in an isolated Canadian Native population Diabetes Res Clin Pract 2002;55:165-73.
  • Hanley AJG, Harris SB, Gittelsohn J, Wolever TMS, Saksvig B, Zinman B. Overweight among children and adolescents in a Native Canadian community: prevalence and associated factors. Am J Clin Nutr 2000;71:693-700.