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Faculty Member

Monica Hau

Email Address(es)
Clinical Public Health Division
Adjunct Lecturer

Education & Training History

Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency, FRCP(C) 2006-2011

Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Masters of Public Health, MSc 2008-2009

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Family Medicine Residency, CCFP 2006-2008

St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto

Doctor of Medicine, MD 2003-2006

McMaster University

Bachelor of Health Sciences with Distinction, BHSc 2000-2003

McMaster University

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Supervising Public Health and Preventative Medicine Residents

Honours & Awards

Public Health and Preventive Medicine Resident Teaching Award June 2011

University of Toronto

Representative Publications

Jang J, Alston J, Tyler I, Hau M, Donovan D, Johnson I, Shore B, Shahin M.

Enhancing Undergraduate Public Health Education Through Public Health Interest Group.

Academic Medicine, Vol. 88, No. 7/July 2013

VanderLinden L, Cole DC, Hau M, Campbell M, Macfarlane R, Mee C, Ayre R, Archbold J.

Applying Precaution to Environmental Health Issues at the Local Level: A Proposed Guide

Based on the Research and Experiences of Toronto Public Health. Environmental Health

Review 2012; 55 (1): 11-18

Landegger J, Hau M, Kaducu F, Sondorp E, Mayhew S, Roberts B. The strengths and

weaknesses of the humanitarian Cluster Approach in relation to sexual and reproductive health

services in northern Uganda. International Health 2011; 3: 108-114

Hau M. “The Influence of the Cluster Approach to Humanitarian Aid on Gender-Based Violence

Services in Conflict-Affected Settings: A Northern Uganda Case Study.” MSc Public Health

Project Report, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2009

Hau M, Tyler I, Buxton J, Elliott L, Harvey BJ, Hockin J, Mowat D.

Assessing Canadian Medical Students’ Familiarity With and Interest in Pursing a Career in

Community Medicine. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2009; 100: 194-198

Tyler I, Hau M, Buxton J, Elliott L, Harvey BJ, Hockin J, Mowat D. A Qualitative Study of

Canadian Medical Students’ Perceptions of the Public Health Education Currently Provided in

the Public Health Curriculum. Academic Medicine 2009; 84:1307-1312