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Clara Juando-​Prats

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1-416-360-4000 ext. 7850
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

More-than-human health research practices, new-materialism, post-human feminism, art and nature as a research practice. Post-human critical theory and socio-critical theories.

Patient-Oriented Research, Patient and Public Engagement, Community Engagement, engagement strategies in research with equity, diversity, and inclusion focus, and development of meaningful research partnerships.

Arts-Based approaches with a focus on visual methods, and using drawing, sketching, and collage as a non-aggressive approach for knowledge co-creation.

Arts as a research approach for doing research with young people, young parents, Hispanic/Latinx families, BIPOC young families, and new immigrant families navigating the margins of society.

Patient experiences within a gender and health equity approach.

Creative integrated knowledge-translation strategies using visual methods with the public and community arts.


  • N(ArT)URE: more-than-human inquiry using art and nature to promote equity and inclusion. New Frontiers in Research Fund – Innovative Approaches to Research in the Pandemic Context. 2022-2024. Co-PI: Ruth Rodney.
  • COVID-19 Young Parents Connect: tackling systemic inequalities through the arts. SSHRC Individual Partnership Engage Grant. 2021-2022.
  • Flourishing: an exploration of parenting at a young age through the arts. SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 2020-2023.
  • Natural History of Dravet: children and families’ stories of living with Dravet. Funded by Encoded Therapeutics. 2021-2024
  • Experiences and Perspectives of Parents and Children with X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM). Funded by Astellas Pharma Inc. 2019-2023


Improving social justice in COVID-19 health research. Interim reporting guidelines for observational studies. Antequera, A., Lawson, D.O., Noorduyn S.G., Dewidar, Om., Avery , M., Bhutta, Z.A., … Juando-Prats, C., …, Welch, V. (2021) Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 18(17), 9357

DRAVET ENGAGE. Parent caregivers of children with Dravet syndrome: Perspectives, needs, and opportunities for clinical research. Juandó-Prats, C., James, E., Bilder, D. A., McNair, L., Kenneally, N., Helfer, J., … & Rico, S. (2021). Epilepsy & Behavior, 122, 108198.

Core outcome set for research on critically ill obstetric patients (COSCO): Patient interviews. Viau-Lapointe, J., Kfouri, J., Juando-Prats, C., Rojas-Suarez, J., D’Souza, R., & Lapinsky, S. (2020). Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 42(5), 693.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the implicit bias movement. Pritlove C, Juando-Prats C, Ala-leppilampi K, and Parsons J. (2019) The Lancet, 393(10171):502-504, 2019.

“60 CoMFORT: Cow Milk Fat Obesity pRevention Trial Feasibility Study.Vanderhout, S, Aglipay M, Maguire J, and Juando-Prats C. (2019) Paediatrics & Child Health 24, no. Supplement_2 : e24-e24.

Development of a Core Outcome Set for Studies on Obesity in Pregnant Patients (COSSOPP): A Study Protocol. Dadouch R, Faheim M, Juando-Prats C, Parsons J, and D’Souza (2018) R. Trials, 19(655), 2018: .

Efficacy of dexamethasone treatment for patients with the acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by COVID-19: study protocol for a randomized controlled superiority trial. Villar, J., Añón, J. M., Ferrando, C., et al. (2020). Trials, 21(1), 1-10.

A qualitative study to understand parent & physician perspectives about cow’s milk fat for children. Vanderhout SM, Juando-Prats C, Aglipay M, Birken CS, O’Connor DL, Thorpe KE, and Maguire JL. Public Health Nutrition 2019 Sep 2:1-8. Doi 10.10117/S136898001900243X.

The experience of surrogate decision makers on being approach for consent for patient participation in research: a multicenter study. Burns KE, Juando-Prats C, Maione M, Lanceta M, Zubrinich C, Jeffs L, Smirth OM; Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Annals of American Thoracic Society 2017 Feb;14(2):238-245.

Quality of life in Latin American immigrant caregivers in Spain. Bover, A., Taltavull, JM., Gastaldo, D., Luengo, R., Izquierdo MD., Juando-Prats C., Sanchez de Ormijana A., and Robledo J. Gac Sanit. 2015; 29:123-126.

Perception of ICU nurses in relation with satisfactory care: convergences and divergences with the perception of critical patients. Jover-Sancho C., Romero-Garcia M., Delgado-Hito P., de la Cueva-Ariza L., Acosta-Mejuto B., Ricart-Basagana MT., Sola-Ribo M., Juando-Prats C. Enferm. Intensiva 2015; 26(1):3-14.