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Faculty Member

Allison McGeer MSc, MD, FRCPC (University of Toronto)

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
(416) 586-3118
Office Address
Mount Sinai Hospital 600 University Avenue Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
Epidemiology Division
SGS Status
Full Member
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Status Only

Research Interests

I have broad theoretical and practical knowledge in the ecology and evolution of infectious
disease, epidemiology, mathematical modeling, and public health. I use
epidemiological, ecological, and evolutionary data to develop disease transmission models
that can be used to examine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of public <>/brhealth interventions in order to make informed decisions regarding public health policy.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

Representative Publications

  • Davies HD, Adair CE, Schuchat A, Low, DE Sauve RS, McGeer A, The Alberta Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Network and the Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network. Physicians' prevention practices and incidence of neonatal group B streptococcal disease in 2 Canadian regions CMAJ: 164(4): 479-85, 2001
  • Loeb M, Simor A, Landry L, Walter, McArthur M, Duffy J, Kwan D, McGeer A. Antibiotic use in facilities which provide chronic care. J Gen Intern Med: 16(6):376-83, 2001
  • Beltrami EM, McArthur M, McGeer A, Armstrong-Evans M, Lyons D, Chamberland ME, Cardo DM. The nature and frequency of blood contacts among home healthcare workers. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol: 21(12): 765-770, 2000
  • Walker S, McGeer A, Simor AE, Armstrong-Evans M, Loeb M. Why are antibiotics prescribed for asymptomatic bacteriuria in institutionalized elderly people? A qualitative study of physicians' and nurses' perceptions. CMAJ: 163 (3): 273-7, 2000.
  • Laupland KB, Davies HD, Low DE, Schwartz B, Green K, McGeer A. Invasive group A streptococcal disease in children and association withvaricella-zoster virus infection. Ontario Group A Streptococcal Study Group. Pediatrics: 105: E60, 2000.