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Faculty Member

Cameron Mustard Sc.D.

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(416) 927-2027
Office Address
Institute for Work and Health 400 University Avenue, Suite 1800 Toronto, ON M5G 1S5
Epidemiology Division
Professor Emeritus
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Full Member
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Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of socioeconomic health inequalities across the life course
  • work environments, labour market experiences and health
  • the distributional equity of publicly funded health and health care programs in Canada
  • methodologic issues in the application of secondary administrative records in population health research
  • measurement validity in health interview surveys
  • methods in survey sample design and the analysis of complex sample designs

Other Affiliations

Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Work & Health

Current Research Projects

  • Strengthening disability management in the Ontario municipal sector. Mustard CA (Principal Investigator), Amick B, Robson L, Kristman V, Jetha A, Gensby U, McLeod C, Kosny A. May 2016 – April 2018. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council/ Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $150,000
  • Tackling health inequalities and extending working lives (THRIVE). Mustard CA (Principal Investigator), Tompa E. April 2016 – March 2018. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $268,500
  • Employer Investments in Occupational Health and Safety: Establishing Benchmarks for Ontario. Mustard CA (Principal Investigator), Tompa E. April 2015 – March 2017. Research Opportunities Program, Ontario Ministry of Labour: $250,000
  • Organizational change to protect worker health.  Mustard CA (Principal Investigator), Van Eerd D, Amick BC.  November 2012 – September 2015. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $305,500
  • Improved methods for work injury surveillance in Ontario. Mustard CA (Principal Investigator), Smith P, Saunders R, McLeod C. February 2012 – January 2014. Ontario WSIB Research Advisory Council: $170,140
  • Examining the impact of physical conditions and depression on the labour market participation of older working-age Canadians. Smith PM (Principal Investigator), Mustard CA, Beaton D, Ibrahim S. January 2011 to December 2012. Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $132,000
  • A comparative analysis of the occupational health and safety incentives of workers’ compensation premium setting in British Columbia and Ontario. Tompa E (Principal Investigator), Mustard C, McLeod CB, Moore I. July 2009-June 2011. WorkSafeBC Research at Work: $201,342

Representative Publications

  • Chambers A, Mustard CA, Holness LD, Nichol K, Breslin CF.  Barriers to the adoption of safety-engineered needles following a regulatory standard: Lessons learned from three acute care hospitals.  Healthcare Policy. 2015; 11(1):90-101.
  • Mustard CA, Chambers A, Ibrahim S, Etches J, Smith P.  Time trends in musculoskeletal disorders attributed to work exposures in Ontario using three independent data sources, 2004-2011.  Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2015 Apr;72(4):252-7. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2014-102442.
  • Chambers A, Ibrahim S, Etches J, Mustard CA.  Diverging trends in the incidence of occupational and non-occupational injury in Ontario 2004-2011.  American Journal of Public Health 2015 Feb; 105(2):338-343. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.302223.
  • Fortune M, Mustard CA, Brown P.  The use of Bayesian inference to inform the surveillance of temperature-related occupational morbidity in Ontario, Canada, 2004-2010.  Environmental Research 2014;19(23):449-456. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2014.04.022.
  • Smith BT, Smith PM, Harper S, Manuel DG, Mustard CA.  Reducing social inequalities in health:  the role of simulation modelling in chronic disease epidemiology to evaluate the impact of population health interventions.  J Epidemiol Community Health 2014;68(4):384-9. doi: 10.1136/jech-2013-202756.
  • Mustard CA, Bielecky A, Etches J, Wilkins R, Tjepkema M, Amick BC, Smith PM, Aronson KJ. Mortality following unemployment in Canada, 1991-2001.  BMC Public Health 2013;13:441.
    doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-441.
  • Mustard CA, Chambers A, McLeod C, Bielecky A, Smith PM. Comparison of data sources for the surveillance of work injury. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2012; 69: 317-24.
  • Mustard CA, Bielecky A, Etches J, Wilkins R, Tjepkema M, Amick BC, Smith PM, and Aronson KJ. Avoidable mortality for causes amenable to medical care, by occupation in Canada, 1991-2001. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2011; 101(6):500-506.
  • Mustard CA, Bielecky A, Etches J, Wilkins R, Tjepkema M, Amick III BC, Smith P, Gnam W, Aronson K. Suicide Mortality by Occupation in Canada, 1991-2001. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2010;55(6):369-376.
  • Smith P, Frank JW, Mustard CA. Trends in educational inequalities in smoking and physical activity in Canada: 1974 to 2005. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2009;63:317-323.
  • Smith P, Frank JW, Mustard CA. The monitoring and surveillance of the psychosocial work environment in Canada: a forgotten determinant of health. Can J Public Health 2008;99(6):475-477.
  • Wilkins R, Tjepkema M, Mustard CA, Choinere R. Profile of the Canadian census mortality follow-up study. Health Reports 19(3); 2008: 25-43.