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Faculty Member

Eric Ng MPH, RD, PhD (C)

Email Address(es)
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Clinical Public Health Division
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Appointment Status
Teaching Stream
Admin Position
Associate Director of MPH – Nutrition and Dietetics Program

Research Interests

  • Critical Policy Studies & Social Policy
  • Transformative food and dietetic pedagogies
  • Health equity in community and public health practice
  • Responsibilization of food and nutrition
  • Neo-liberalization and nutrition policy
  • Anti-oppressive practice
  • Race & racism in dietetics
  • Practitioner Perspectives on the Social Determinants of Health
  • Street-Level Bureaucracy

CHL 5650H F Foundations of Practice I
CHL 5562H F Foundations of Practice III
CHL 5653H S Community Nutrition


  • Ng, E. (2023). Ethnic food practices, health, and cultural racism: Diabetes risk discourse among racialized immigrants in Canada. Canadian Food Studies / La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 10(1), 33–40.
  • Ng, E. (2023). Responsibilization of healthy eating and the 2019 Canada’s Food Guide. Journal of Critical Dietetics, 6(3), 158-167.
  • Dacunha, C., Ng, E., & Elton, S. (2022). The school food solution: Creating a healthy school food environment with Canada’s Food Guide. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development12(1), 157–169.
  • Ng., E. & Cole, D.C. (2022). From tensions to transformation: Teaching food systems in a graduate dietetics course. Canadian Food Studies, 8(4), 82-97.
  • Wellington, M., Lee, M., Ng, E., Mensah, R. (2021). Opening the door to dialogue: Experiences of equity-seeking students in dietetic education. Journal of Critical Dietetics, 6(1), 59-63.
  • Ng, E. & Wai, C. (2021). Towards a definition of anti-oppressive dietetic practice in Canada. Journal of Critical Dietetics, 5(2), 10-14.