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Linda Rothman

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Research Interests

Linda Rothman is a Senior Research Associate in Child Health Evaluative Sciences (CHES) at the Hospital for Sick Children. Dr. Linda Rothman trained and worked as a pediatric occupational therapist. She completed a Masters in Community Health and Epidemiology, and a PhD at the Institute for Medical Sciences (IMS) at the University of Toronto. Her research focus is on unintentional childhood injury, and she has been involved in studies related to concussions, and hockey, playground and car occupant injury. Her current research focus is on child pedestrian and cycling injury prevention related to school travel and the built environment. Her work promotes children’s active transportation and physical activity and health. She strongly believes that children have the right to safe active transportation to school. Her research projects involve many partners including those from academia, hospitals, not-for-profit organizations, the private sector, school boards and all levels of the government. Dr. Rothman’s research has been presented at many local, national and international conferences.

Representative Publications

  1. Rothman L, Macarthur C, Wilton AS, Howard A, Macpherson A. Recent trends in child and youth emergency department visits because of pedestrian motor vehicle collisions by socioeconomic status in Ontario, Canada, Accepted, Injury Prevention.
  2. Rothman L, Cloutier MS, Macpherson A, Richmond SA, Howard A. Spatial distribution of pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions before and after pedestrian countdown signal installation in Toronto, Canada.  Injury Prevention, 2017. Published online first.  doi: 10.1136/injuryprev-2017-042378.
  3. Rothman L, Macpherson A, Ross T, Buliung R. The Decline in Active School Transportation (AST): A Systematic Review of the Factors Related to AST and Changes in School Transport over Time.  Preventive Medicine, 2017;111:314-322.
  4. Rothman L, Buliung R, Howard A, Macarthur C, Macpherson A. The school environment and student car drop-off at elementary schools.  Special Issue on Children, Journal of Travel Behaviour and Society, 2017;9:50-57.
  5. Rothman L, Howard A, Buliung R, Macarthur C, Richmond SA, Macpherson A.  School environments and social risk factors for child pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: a case-control study.    Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2017; 98: 252-258.
  6. Rothman L, Macpherson A, Howard A, Parkin PC, Richmond SA, Birken CS. An Observational Study of Active School Transportation and Stroller Use in Kindergarten Children.  Preventive Medicine Reports, 4 (2016) 558-562.
  7. Rothman L, Pike I, Belton K, Olsen L, Fuselli P, Macpherson A. Barriers and enablers to enacting child and youth related injury prevention legislation in Canada.  J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13 (7), 656.
  8. Rothman L, Howard A, Buliung R, Macarthur C, Macpherson A. Dangerous car drop-off behaviours and child pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: an observational study. Traffic Inj Prev, 2016, July 3;17(5):454-9.
  9. Rothman L, Macpherson A, Buliung R, To T, Macarthur C, Larsen K, Howard, A. Installation of speed humps and pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions in Toronto, Canada:  a quasi-experimental study.  BMC Public Health, 2015, 15:774.
  10. Rothman L, Perry D, Buliung R, Macarthur C, To T, Macpherson A, Larsen K, Howard A. Do school crossing guards make crossing roads safer?  An analysis of 27,827 pedestrian collisions. BMC Public Health, 2015, 15:732.
  11. Rothman L, Buliung R, To T, Macarthur C, Macpherson A, Howard A. Association between parent perception of traffic danger, walking to school and the built environment, J of Transport and Health, 2015;2(3): 327-335 .
  12. Rothman L, Macarthur C, To T, Buliung R, Howard A. Motor vehicle-pedestrian collisions and walking to school:  the role of the built environment.  Pediatrics 2014;33 (5): 776-784.
  13. Rothman L, Buliung R, Macarthur C, To Teresa, Howard A. Walking and child pedestrian injury: a systematic review of built environment correlates of safe walking. Inj Prev 2014;20:41-49.
  14. Rothman L, To T, Buliung R, Macarthur C, Howard A. Influence of social and built environment features on children’s walking to school:  an observational study.  Med., 2014;60:10-15.