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Jaime Sapag MD MPH PhD

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Clinical Public Health Division
Associate Professor
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Research Interests

  • Evaluation of Health Programs, Services & Systems  / Implementation Science
  • Collaborative Mental Health Care / Mental Health and Substance Use Issues
  • Human Rights and Health Services / Stigma & Discrimination
  • Global Health (focus: Latin America)
  • Primary Health Care /  Family & Community Health / Health Promotion
  • Social Capital and Health / Health Equity

Education & Training History

  • PhD Public Health Sciences (Field: Social & Health Behavioural Sciences), Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada, 2013     (Thesis:  “Developing a Framework to Evaluate Collaborative Mental Health Services  in Primary Care Systems in Latin America”)
  • Strategic Training Fellow in Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research –CIHR- Strategic Training Program, Canada, 2011
  • Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, U.S.A., 2003
  • Specialist in Family Medicine- Adults Mention,  School of Medicine, P. Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile, 2000
  • Medical Doctor (Médico Cirujano), School of Medicine, P. Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile, 1997
  • B.S. in Medicine (Licenciado en Medicina), School of Medicine, P. Universidad Católica de Chile, 1994


Associate Professor, Departments of Public Health and Family Medicine, School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, P. Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago-Chile

Director, Master of Public Health,  P. Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago-Chile  

Project Scientist, Office of Transformative Global Health, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Ontario, Canada


·         Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CHIR) Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Research Award (& Prize: Knowledge Translation Supplement) (May 1, 2010 to April 30, 2013).

·         Fellowship: CIHR Training Grant in Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care Research – (Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research– Primary Health Care) (May 2010-April 2011).

·         IDRC Doctoral Research Award – Candidate Recommended for an Award ​(Competition  November 1, 2009) (it was not taken by the candidate)

·         Scholarship from the National Scholarship Program of Chile to study the Master of Public Health at Harvard University (2002-2003)

Current OR RECENT Research Projects

  • Principal Investigator:

Building a Consortium: Planning Research to Improve Accessibility to Mental Health Services for Vulnerable Populations in Latin America. Funded by CIHR, Canada (Planning and Dissemination Grant– Institute Community Support). (November 2017 – November 2018)

Stigma toward Mental Illness among Primary Health Professionals in Chile. Funded by FONDECYT, Chile. (April 2016-March 2019)

Preventing Mental Illness and Substance Use Related Stigma & Discrimination and Promoting Recovery Oriented Practices in Primary Health Care in Peru. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada. Co-Principal Investigators with Ines Bustamante. (October 2014-October 2016)

Evaluation of the Implementation of Mental Health – GES in Primary Care, in Chile. Funded by FONIS, Chile.  (October 2014-January 2016).

  • Co-Investigator or Collaborator:

Scaling up Science-based Mental Health Interventions in Latin America. Grant by the National Institute of Mental Health USA,  MH-16-350, “Research Partnerships for Scaling-Up Mental Health Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (U19)”. PIs: Lisa A. Marsch (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College) & Carlos Gomez-Restrepo (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogota, Colombia). (2016-2021)    http://o

Development of a Service Model for People with High Blood Pressure and Type II Diabetes based on Risk Adjusted Managed Care. 2015 FONDEF IDEA  Grant –  Scientific and Technological Development Support Fund (FONDEF), Chile. (2016-2018). PI: Fernando Poblete.

VIDA: Advanced Home Visit Model, supported by technology, for strengthening bio-psycho-social interventions with pregnant women and primary care givers of 0-6 years old children, in the Primary Health Care System. 2016 FONDEF IDEA  Grant –  Scientific and Technological Development Support Fund (FONDEF), Chile. (2017-2018). PI: Marcela Aracena.

Exploring Stigma, Discrimination and Recovery-Based Perspectives toward Mental Illness and Substance Use Problems among Primary Health Care Providers across Ontario. Funded by CIHR, Canada. (April 2014 – April 2017). PIs: Akwatu Khenti & Patrick Corrigan.

Improving access to High Quality Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for People with Mental Disorders in India. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada (Global Mental Health Program). (April 2014- Nov 2016). PIs: Soumitra Pathare & Akwatu Khenti.

Professional Competencies of Psychologists and Physicians working in GES-Depression Program in Primary Health Care and their Relationship with Clinical Results. Funded by FONIS, Chile. (2014-2016). PI: Paula Bedregal.



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Book Chapters:

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