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Faculty Member

Amanda J. Sheppard PhD, MSc, BSc

Email Address(es)
Office Address
Indigenous Cancer Control Unit Cancer Care Ontario 505 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 2L7
Indigenous Cancer Care Unit, ,
Epidemiology Division
Assistant Professor
SGS Status
Associate Member
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Research Interests

  • First Nations, Inuit, Métis and Urban Indigenous health
  • Cancer control
  • Addressing health inequities

Education & Training History

2010 Postdoctoral Fellowship (Epidemiology), University of Toronto

2004-2010 Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Sciences Research), University of Toronto

2001-2004 Masters of Health Science (Epidemiology), University of Toronto

1996-2000 Bachelor of Science (Biology and Anthropology), Trent University

Other Affiliations

Senior Scientist, Indigenous Cancer Control Unit, Ontario Health, Toronto, Ontario

Adjunct Appointment, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ontario Tech University, Toronto, Ontario

Current Research Projects

  • 2020-2022     Project Grant. Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Accelerating Lung Cancer Screening Program Development and Implementation Initiative. Title: Building pathways to an Inuit informed lung cancer screening initiative in Ontario. Co-PIs: Sheppard AJ, Siedule C. Collaborators: Tammemagi M, Gambhri I, Jamal S, Tobias J.($234,500)
  • 2020-2021     SARS CoV-2/COVID-19 funding competition. Queen’s University. Title: Indigenous peoples living with chronic health issues during the COVID-19 era – examining experiences in Katarokwi (Kingston, Ontario area). PI: Roy A. Collaborators: Sheppard AJ, Nolan D, Claus L, Lapointe M, Funnell S, Grady C, Bayoumi I, Green M. ($25,000).
  • 2019-2022     Operating Grant. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Title: Link, monitor, strategize: First Nations, Inuit, Métis peoples’ cancer burden in Canada. PI: Sheppard AJ. Principal Knowledge User: Letendre A. Co-Applicants: Jamal S, Jiang H, Ng C, Tjepkema M. Knowledge Users: Hutchinson P, Kewayosh A ($99,137).
  • 2019-2023     Project Grant. Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Title: Tobacco-Wise Cessation Services Project for First Nations, Inuit and Metis in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Co-PIs: Flynn S (Canadian Cancer Society), Steiner R. Co-Investigator: Sheppard AJ. ($1,267,000)
  • 2019-2024     Project Grant. CIHR. Title: Improving Indigenous cultural safety in Ontario’s cancer screening programs. PI: Tinmouth JM. Co-PI of Aims 1-3: Sheppard AJ, Berta WB, Jull JE, Jumah NA, Kewayosh A, Llovet DN, Stewart SL. ($1,510,875).
  • 2018-2022     Operating Grant. CIHR. Title: Catching cancers early? How well do Ontario’s organized screening programs perform for First Nations and Métis persons? Co-PIs: Tinmouth JE, Sheppard AJ. Co-Is: Chiarelli AM, Jiang H, Kewayosh A, Kupets R, Mazereeuw M, Senese L, Sutradhar R, Tammemagi M.  ($75,000)
  • 2017-2019     Catalyst Grant. CIHR. Indigenous Approaches to Wellness Research. Title: Indigenous knowledge, western research, and cancer statistics: Braiding information together to understand a community’s cancer journey. Nominated PI: Kewayosh A. PI: Sheppard AJ. Co-Investigators: Plain S, Black Mohar P, Jamal S, Palmer AL. ($143,256)

Representative Publications

Walker MJ, Meggetto O, Gao J, Espino-Hernández G, Jembere N, Bravo CA, Rey M, Aslam U, Sheppard AJ, Lofters AK, Tammemägi MC, Tinmouth J, Kupets R, Chiarelli AM, Rabeneck L. Measuring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on organized cancer screening and diagnostic follow-up care in Ontario, Canada: A provincial, population-based study. Preventive Medicine. 2021 Oct;151:106586. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2021.106586.

Shapiro GD, Sheppard AJ, Mashford-Pringle A, Bushnik T, Kramer MS, Kaufman JS, Yang S. Housing conditions and adverse birth outcomes among Indigenous people in Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2021.

Jamal S, Jones C, Walker J, Mazereeuw M, Sheppard AJ, Henry D, Marrett LD. Cancer in First Nations people in Ontario, Canada: Incidence and mortality, 1991 to 2010. Health Reports. 2021:32(2)14-28.‑003‑x202100600002‑eng

Habash M, Sheppard AJ, Steiner R. An evaluation of Indigenous Tobacco Program Smoking prevention workshops with First Nations youth in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Public Health Association 2021;112(4):697-705.

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Sheppard AJ, Antone, C, Logan A, Kewayosh A. “In a good way”: Going beyond Patient Navigation to ensure culturally safe care in the cancer system for First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and urban Indigenous patients in Ontario. International Journal of Indigenous Health. 2019;14(2), 293 – 307. DOI 10.32799/ijih.v14i2.31995

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Chan J, Polo A, Zubizarrea E, Bourque J, Sheppard AJ, Olson R, Dennis K, Brundage M, Slotman B, Abdel-Wahab M. Disparities in access to radiation therapy for regions inhabited by a higher proportion of First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations in Canada, and its association with cancer outcomes. Applied Radiation Oncology. June 2019:34-40.

Cawley C, Mazereeuw MV, Jamal S, Sheppard AJ, Marrett LD. Commercial tobacco exposure in First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Ontario: results from population-based health surveys and implications for cancer control. Cancer Health Disparities. 2018 ;1:e12. doi:10.9777/chd.2017.10006

Jull J, Mazereeuw MV, Sheppard AJ, Kewayosh A, Steiner R, Graham ID. Tailoring and field-testing the use of a knowledge translation peer support shared decision making strategy with First Nations, Inuit and Metis people making decisions about their cancer care: a study protocol. Research Involvement and Engagement. 2018:4:6

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