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Faculty Member

Susan M. Tarlo M.B., B.S.

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
(416) 978-5883
Office Address
Gage Occupational and Environmental Health Unit, 223 College St. Toronto, ON M5T 1R4
Curriculum Vitae
Occupational & Environmental Health Division
SGS Status
Full Member
Appointment Status
Non budgtry Crss

Research Interests

  • Occupational lung disease
  • Asthma
  • Environmental respiratory effects

Other Affiliations

Department of Medicine, University of Toronto (Respiratory Division with cross-appointments to occupational medicine and allergy, clinical immunology)

UHN Respiratory Division, cross appointed to St Michael's Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital Research Insititute

Li Ka Shing Research Institute

Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto

Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Diseases (St Michael's Hospital) and gage Occupational and Environmental Health Unit

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Teaching clinical respiratory medicine and occupational lung disease to medical students, housestaff and fellows

Honours & Awards

  • 1969 Chadwick Prize in Medicine, Surgery, & Pathology; Westminster Medical School

    1976-1977 Scholarship, Canadian Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association

    1988 N. LeRoy Lapp Lecturer: The importance of anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of asthma. in Advances in Internal Medicine Conference, West Virginia University School of Medicine.

    1994-1995 Schering-Plough International Research Fellowship Award

    1994 Ontario Lung Association Distinguished Service Award

    2002 David McCourtie Lecturer at the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Annual Meeting. Effects of ozone on asthma

    2006. Arnold Naimark Speaker. National Research Forum for Young Investigators in Circulatory and Respiratory Health. Prevention of Occupational Asthma.

    2012 Canadian Thoracic Society Christie Lecturer

Current Research Projects

  • 2008-current Changes in claims for work-related asthma in Ontario as reflected by Workers' Compensation claims
  • 2009 – current Development and assessment of an educational tool to understand risks and prevention of work-related asthma in young adult asthmatics
  • 2009-current Health care utilization and asthma severity among patients with work-related asthma in Quebec and Ontario

Representative Publications

Al-Ahmad M, Manno M, Ng V, Ribeiro M, Liss GM, Tarlo SM. Symptoms after mould exposure including Stachybotrys chartarum, and comparison with darkroom disease. Allergy 2010:65; 245–255.

Hoy R, Ribeiro M, Anderson J, Tarlo SM. Work-related irritant larynx syndrome. Occupational Medicine 2010; 60:546-51.

Seth R, Ribeiro M, Romaschin A, Scott JA, Manno M, Scott JA, Liss GM, Tarlo SM. Occupational endotoxin exposure and a novel luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence assay of nasal lavage neutrophil activation JACI 2011;127(1):272-5.

Liss GM, Buyantseva LV, Luce CE, Ribeiro M, Tarlo SM. Work-related asthma in health care in Ontario. AJIM, 2011 Apr;54(4):278-84.

Bhinder S, Heffer M, Lee J, Chapparo C, Tarlo SM. Development of Transient Peanut Allergy Following Lung Transplantation: A Case Report. CRJ May-June 2011, 18 (3), 154-6, e-pub.To T, Tarlo SM, McLimont S, Haines T, Holness DL,

Lougheed MD, Liss GM, Cicutto L. Feasibility of a provincial voluntary reporting system for work-related asthma in Ontario. Can Respir J. 2011 Sep-Oct;18(5):275-27716. Ribeiro M, Fritscher LG, Al-Musaed AM, Balter MS, Hoffstein V,

Mazer BD, Maier LA, Liss GM, Tarlo SM. The prevalence of chronic beryllium disease among sarcoidosis patients in Ontario, Canada. Lung. 2011 Jun;189(3):233-411.

Buyantseva LV, Liss GM, Ribeiro M, Manno M, Luce CE,Tarlo SM. Reduction in Diisocyanate and Non-Diisocyanate Sensitizer-Induced Occupational Asthma in Ontario. JOEM 2011: 53;420-.

Bernstein DI, Kissling GE, Khurana Hershey G, Yucesoy B, Johnson VJ, Cartier A, Gautrin D, Sastre J, Boulet LP, Malo JL, Quirce S, Tarlo SM, Langmeyer S, Luster MI, Lummus ZL. Hexamethylene diisocyanate asthma is associated with genetic polymorphisms of CD14, IL-13, and IL-4 receptor α. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2011 Aug;128(2):418-20.

Fukakusa JB, Rosenblat JD, Jang B, Ribeiro M, Kudla I, Tarlo SM. Factors influencing respirator use at work in respiratory patients Occupational Medicine 2011;61:576–582.

Moscato G, Pala G, Boillat MA, Folletti I, Gerth van Wijk R, Olgiati-Des Gouttes D, Perfetti L, Quirce S, Siracusa A, Walusiak-Skorupa J, Tarlo SM. EAACI position paper: prevention of work-related respiratory allergies among pre-apprentices or apprentices and young workers. Allergy. 2011; 66(9):1164-73.

Arrandale V, Liss GM, Tarlo SM, Pratt M, Sasseville D, Kudla I, Holness DL. Occupational Contact Allergens: Are They Also Associated With Occupational Asthma? Am J Ind Med. 2012 Apr;55(4):353-60.

de Groene GJ, Pal TM, Beach J, Tarlo SM, Spreeuwers D, Frings-Dresen MHW, Mattioli S, Verbeek JH. Workplace interventions for treatment of occupational asthma: a Cochrane systematic review. Occup Environ Med 2012;69:373-374.

Arrandale V, Kudla I, Kraut A, Scott J, Tarlo S, Redlich C, Holness DL. Skin and Respiratory Symptoms among Workers with Suspected Work-Related Disease. Occ Med, 2012, 62;420-6.