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Faculty Member

Faraz Vahid Shahidi Ph.D., M.Phil.

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
416-927-2027 ext. 2125
Institute for Work & Health
Epidemiology Division
Assistant Professor
SGS Status
Associate Member
Appointment Status
Status Only

Research Interests

  • Social epidemiology
  • Health equity
  • Social policy
  • Political economy
  • Employment conditions
  • Occupational health

Other Affiliations

Associate Scientist, Institute for Work & Health

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

CHL 5419: Social Epidemiology

Representative Publications

Shahidi FV, Parnia A. (2021). Unemployment insurance and mortality among the long-term unemployed: a population-based matched cohort study. American Journal of Epidemiology. 190(10):2124-2137.

Shahidi FV, Gignac M, Oudyk J, Smith P. (2021). Assessing the psychosocial work environment in relation to mental health: a comprehensive approach. Annals of Work Exposures and Health. 65(4):418-431

Shahidi FV, Parnia A, Siddiqi A. (2020). Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in premature and avoidable mortality in Canada, 1991-2016. CMAJ. 192(39):E1114-E1128.

Shahidi FV, Muntaner C, Shankardass K, QuiƱonez C, Siddiqi A. (2020). The effect of welfare reform on the health of the unemployed: evidence from a natural experiment in Germany. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. 74(3):211-218.

Shahidi FV, Muntaner C, Shankardass K, QuiƱonez C, Siddiqi A. (2019). The effect of unemployment benefits on health: a propensity score analysis. Social Science & Medicine. 226:198-206.

Shahidi FV, Sod-Erdene O, Ramraj C, Hildebrand V, Siddiqi A. (2019). Government social assistance programs are failing to protect the health of low-income populations: evidence from the United States and Canada (2003-2014). Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. 73(3):198-205.

Siddiqi A, Shahidi FV, Ramraj C, Williams D. (2017). Associations between race, discrimination, and risk for chronic disease in a population-based sample from Canada. Social Science & Medicine. 194:135-141.

Shahidi FV, Siddiqi A, Muntaner C. (2016). Does social policy moderate the impact of unemployment on health? A multilevel analysis of 23 welfare states. European Journal of Public Health. 26(6):1017-1022.

Ramraj C, Shahidi FV, Kawachi I, Zuberi D, Siddiqi A. (2016). Equally inequitable? A cross-national comparative study of racial health inequalities in Canada and the United States. Social Science & Medicine. 161:19-26.

Shahidi FV. (2015). Welfare capitalism in crisis: a qualitative comparative analysis of labour market policy responses to the Great Recession. Journal of Social Policy. 44(4):659-686.