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Clare Wiseman

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School of the Environment Earth Sciences Centre 33 Willcocks St University of Toronto
Clare Wiseman
Occupational & Environmental Health Division
Associate Professor
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Research Interests

  • Metal behavior, speciation and fate in soils
  • Non-exhaust sources of metals in urban environments
  • Development and use of biologically-relevant methods to assess metal bioaccessibility
  • Use of metals as biomarkers of environmental exposures


Associate Professor. School of the Environment (home unit), UofT, November 2006 – present.

Graduate Associate Director, School of the Environment, UofT, July 2018 – present.


  • Doctor philosophiae naturalis (Natural Science) (1999-2003), Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main Germany
  • Master of Natural Resources Management (1994-1997), School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC
  • Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies (1989-1992), University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON


  • Characterizing the Elemental Enrichment Patterns of Fractionated Road Dust and Fluxes in the Environment. Funding Source: Discovery Grants Program, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Grant Period: April 2018 – April 2024).
  • The Impact of Dissolution Behaviour of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials on Toxicological Response (PIs: Pat Rasmussen and Sabina Halappanavar (Health Canada)). Funding Source: CMP Research/Monitoring and Surveillance Program, Health Canada (Grant Period:  Jan. 2018 – March 2021).
  • Distribution and Bioaccessibility of Chemical Management Plan (CMP) Priority Metals in Road Dust. Funding Source: CMP Research/Monitoring and Surveillance Program, Health Canada (Grant Period: Dec. 2015 – March 2021).


  • ENV 4001 Graduate Seminars in Environment and Health
  • ENV 341 Introduction to Environment and Human Health


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  2. Levesque C, Wiseman CLS, Beauchemin S, Rasmussen PE. (2021). Thoracic fraction (PM10) of resuspended dust: Geochemistry, particle size distribution and lung bioaccessibility. Geosciences (Switzerland) 11(2): 1-18.
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  12. Wiseman CLS (2015). Analytical methods for assessing metal bioaccessibility in airborne particulate matter: A scoping review. Analytica Chimica Acta 877: 9-18.


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