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Andy Kin On Wong PhD

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416-340-4800 Extension 6276
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Toronto General Hospital 200 Elizabeth St, 7EN-238 Toronto, ON M5G 2C4
Assistant Scientist UHN, Assistant Clinical Professor McMaster (Adjunct)
Epidemiology Division
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Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

  1. Understanding the disease process for specific knee osteoarthritis phenotypes: a) in those with knee osteoarthritis and altered bone quality or bone turnover; and b) in those with metabolism-related knee osteoarthritis
  2. Exploring treatment of knee osteoarthritis in those with impaired bone quality using antiresorptive therapies
  3. Determining imaging-based predictors of success in knee arthroscopic surgeries
  4. Innovating novel imaging techniques to discover more pain-sensitive measures
  5. Generating population-based references to enable individual-based diagnostic evaluation for MSK diseases
  6. Developing data-driven approaches to image segmentation using pixel morphometry

Background and Experience

I am a data scientist, imaging scientist and epidemiologist. Using this unique combination of skills, I study bones, muscles, joints, and fat in the aging population with particular focus on osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and the interaction of these diseases.

I have trained in conducting primary and secondary epidemiological studies over the last 10 years. As the co-director of the Canadian Multi-Centre Osteoporosis Bone Quality Study (CaMos BQS), a primary research study initiated in 2011, I am studying over 800 women and how peripheral CT-derived structural features can predict incident fractures over 5 years.

I am also involved with leading study and questionnaire design for cycles 5/6 and 7/8 of the Canadian Health Measures Survey – with focus on bone and muscle themes, respectively. This Statistics Canada – Health Statistics Division-led study involves over 10,000 Canadians from coast-to-coast.

In addition, I collaborate on a number of other multi-centre studies including the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures (SOF) in Women, the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study (MrOS), and the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) led by colleagues at UCSF.

I am specialized in diagnostic methods and longitudinal studies – in particular, bio/imaging marker tool development, reliability assessment, and disease risk prediction. My research studies cover a broad range of statistical methods including multivariable linear modeling, competing risk/survival analyses, conditional process modeling (moderation), causal inference (mediation), factor analyses, structural equation modeling, and machine learning (variable selection, decision tree, neural networks).

My work involves a combination of data programming in SAS and R, and image processing and analysis in Python.

I am currently seeking new students and volunteers with interest in musculoskeletal health and analytical skills development. Those with a passion for programming are highly encouraged to inquire.

Two unique Joint PhD positions (Conferred by U of T and University of Melbourne) are also available. For more information, please see:

Additional Appointments:

  • Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Department of Medicine, McMaster University


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