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The following resources were developed between 2001 and 2015 by the WHO Collaborating Centre in Health Promotion in partnership with PAHO, and other WHO Collaborating Centres in the Region. They represent examples of the legacy and influence of the work of the WHO CC at University of Toronto.

Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities: Evaluation Recommendations for Policymakers in the Americas

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Guide to Economic Evaluation in Health Promotion

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PAHO Virtual Course and Virtual Community on Health Promotion

Health Promotion: Concepts, Tools and Strategies is a course that was developed to build a common understanding of health promotion approaches and methodologies for health professionals across the Americas. The course includes multiple resources, concepts, recommendations, case studies, documents and references. It consists of three modules and is offered in English and Spanish. It can be accessed through PAHO’s Virtual Public Health Campus

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Guide for Documenting Health Promotion Initiatives

This guide’s primary purpose was to create a simple, standard format to help support documentation of health promotion initiatives. It aimed to expand available information on how health promotion efforts are working which will allow for interchange of critical information regarding which approaches are effective, how key challenges are overcome, and what it is about the context in which these initiatives are carried out that make them successful. The Guide was intended to populate the PAHO website with experiences which could serve as a data base for informing the field, for providing examples that practitioners can emulate, and for offering a rich data source for researchers to analyze and draw conclusions from.

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