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Trusted Networks: the key to achieve world-class health outcomes on
a shoestring

Book edited by Alex Jadad that describes the rationale behind the creation of an integrated health network in Columbia, the development of the model, the implementation and evaluation process and an agenda for the future of integrated networks.

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Beginning from the End: Enabling the transformation of how we care for each other by bringing together the power of health and social services, and the community, during the last stages of life

Authors: Emilio Herrera Molina,‎ Tamen Jadad García,‎ Silvia Librada,‎ Arturo Álvarez,‎ Zacarías Rodríguez,‎ Miguel Ángel Lucas,‎ Alejandro R. Jadad (Author and Senior Editor)

Imagine a world in which we could say, at the end of our lives:

I did not live dying,
I must now die living,
healthy and in love,
as a passenger in a flourishing world.

This book is an invitation to consider this possible.

It is an invitation to regard the final stages of life as the ideal starting point for the radical change that is needed if we are to experience a full journey, from birth to death.
With a combination of philosophical and humanistic insights, and drawing from real-world experiences, the book begins to shed light on how this could start to happen if we re-connect and align healthcare and social services, and the community when we face complex chronic conditions or a terminal illness.

Its main message is that, by harnessing the power of togetherness and with compassion as the key vital force, it might be possible to realize the dream harboured by us all: to live the longest, healthiest and happiest possible life, full of love, as part of a thriving planet.

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Unleashing a pandemic of health from the workplace: Believing is seeing

Editors: Alejandro (Alex) Jadad (Editor-in-Chief), Adriana Arango, Jose Humberto Devia Sepulveda, Sara espinal, David G. Rodriguez & Keiwan S. Wind.

The book is an attempt to make viable a largely invisible and obvious fact: that health is pandemic, and that there are abundant resources to enable every human being to have a healthy life, until the last breath. It is also an invitation to believe that this is possible and to join a growing number of people willing to make it happen, using work environments of all kinds as their epicenters. The book includes 482 pages distributed among 17 chapters, written by 23 authors from four countries and in English and Spanish.

Awards & Recognition

Dr. Jadad conferred a Doctorate degree (Doctor Honoris Causa) by the Open University of Catalonia on January 25, 2018

This degree was awarded in recognition for “his disruptive vision, and transformative and innovative leadership, and the way in which he promotes new dynamic and integral approaches to open new horizons in the field of eHealth and human well-being”. The doctorate, which has only been awarded eight times in 24 years. In 2008, it was received by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. 

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The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) was the first entirely digital university in the world. Founded in 1994, this student-centred institution is based in Barcelona, Spain. It offers graduate and postgraduate programs in Catalan, Spanish and English in fields such as Psychology, Computer Science, Sciences of Education, Information and Knowledge Society and Economics. Also, an Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Program is available that explores research fields such as e-law, e-learning, network society, education, and online communities. It has over 60,000 active students, alumni in over 130 countries, and support centers in a number of cities in Spain, Andorra, Mexico and the traditionally Catalan-speaking city of Alghero in Sardinia. The Open University of Catalonia focuses its interest on eHealth Innovation, person-centered care, salutogenic models, and health promotion and disease prevention, through its newly minted eHealth Center.


A Collaboration Agreement was signed between the Open University of Catalonia and IGHEI on October 18, 2017

The cooperation and collaboration between the UOC, IGHEI and the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (CGeHI) at the University Health Network will include initiatives in specific areas related to eHealth, including promoting the development of activities intended to encourage the use of information technology within the context of higher and continuing education, organizing and holding both regular and stable and one-off courses, seminars, meetings and/or conferences to foster training and research, promoting cooperation between the parties to further both formal and continuing education and the development of studies and research in eHealth specific field, promoting the practice of theoretical studies in the professional context in order to consolidate students’ education and provide them with a practical vision of the knowledge acquired over the course of the curriculum, promoting cooperation in the area of teaching by means of activities that can be carried out by the faculty and students of the participating institutions, collaboration in eHealth research, development and innovation activities and projects and in the transfer of results to initiatives contributing to making the world a healthier place.