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Thursday, June 20, 2024
10:00 AM ET

Policy Stakeholder Framings of the Canadian Overdose Crisis: Implications for Public Health, the Opioid Industry, and Framing Coalitions

Exam Chair: Bradley Buchsbaum
Supervisors: Rob Schwartz
External Appraiser: S. Scott Graham
Voting Members: Quinn Grundy, Ben Hawkins, Erica Di Ruggiero

DAVID KRYSZAJTYS – June 10, 2024

Monday, June 10, 2024
9:30 AM ET

An Investigation of the Decision-Making Process for Psychedelic Self-Treatment of Depression and Anxiety in Online Communities

Exam Chair: Eric Nauenberg
Supervisors: Jacqueline Bender
External Appraiser: Andrew D. Hathaway
Voting Members: Carol Strike, Brian Rush, Sergio Rueda

DONGYANG YANG – May 02, 2024

Thursday, May 02, 2024
2:00 PM ET

Latent Structure and Causal Mediation Models for Human Microbiome Sequencing Data

Exam Chair: Landon Edgar
Supervisors: Wei Xu
External Appraiser: Depeng Jiang
Voting Members: Olli Saarela, Eleanor Pullenayegum, Zhihui Liu

CALVIN YIP – April 29, 2024

Monday, April 29 2024
2:00 PM ET

Understanding, Predicting, and Preventing Mortality from Deaths of Despair in Canada: A Population-based Approach

Exam Chair: Lothar Lilge
Supervisors: Arjumand Siddiqi
External Appraiser: Sam Harper
Voting Members: Laura Rosella, Marzyeh Ghassemi, Michael Chaiton

KATE ST. CYR – April 23, 2024

Tuesday, April 23 2024
9:00 AM ET

Mental health service use among Canadian Veterans and non-Veterans in Ontario: a population-based study exploring differences among males and females and by length of service

Exam Chair: Jean-Philippe Julien
Supervisors: Paul Kurdyak and Alyson Mahar
External Appraiser: Murray Enns
Voting Members: Peter Smith, Victoria Arrandale

MADISON GILES – April 22, 2024

Monday, April 22 2024
1:00 PM

The Sexual Subjectivity of Youth with Physical Disabilities: An Arts-Based Study in Toronto, Canada

Exam Chair: Cindy-Lee Dennis
Supervisors: Dionne Gesink
External Appraiser: Treena Orchard
Voting Members: Amy McPherson, Clara Juando-Prats, Daniel Grace

CHRISTA ORCHARD – April 10, 2024

Monday, April 10, 2024
10:00 AM ET

Using a Data-Driven Population Segmentation Approach to Improve our Understanding of Mental Health and Associated Mental Healthcare Service Use Patterns in Ontario, Canada.

Exam Chair: Arash Zarrine-Afsar
Supervisors: Peter Smith and Laura Rosella
External Appraiser: Kelly Anderson
Voting Members: Elizabeth Lin, Arjumand Siddiqi

BOJANA PETROVIC – April 8, 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024
3:00 PM ET

Continuity and Coordination of Cancer Care: A Mixed Methods Study of a Web-Based Communication System

Exam Chair: JC Zuniga-Pflucker
Supervisors: Eva Grunfeld and Jackie Bender
External Appraiser: Lauren P. Wallner
Voting Members: David Wiljer

KRISTIE SEROTA – February 15, 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024
1:00 PM ET

Complex MAiD Bereavement Stories: A Critical Narrative Analysis of Family Members’ Discordance, Pain, Dignity, and Wisdom

Exam Chair: Mohini Sain
Supervisors: Daniel Buchman and Michael Atkinson
External Appraiser: Katherine Kortes-Miller
Voting Members: Ross Upshur, Elizabeth Peter


Wednesday, January 31, 2024
1:00 PM ET

Causal inference with neural network predictions

Exam Chair: Zindel Segal
Supervisor: Olli Saarela
External Appraiser: Michael Wallace
Voting Members: Michael Escobar, Konstantin Shestopaloff, Laurent Briollais

MONICA GAGNON – January 16, 2024

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
9:00 AM ET

Bordering in Canadian Health Care: How the “Birth Tourism” Discourse Determines Deservingness of Health Coverage and Undermines the Right to Health

Exam Chair: David Jenkins
Supervisor: Lisa Forman
External Appraiser: Sarah Willen
Voting Members: Rupaleem Bhuyan, Denise Gastaldo, Kazumi Tsuchiya

JEAN-PAUL SOUCY – January 8, 2024

Monday, January 8, 2024
2:00 PM ET

Infectious Disease Surveillance Using Emerging Data Sources: Applications to Antimicrobial Resistance and COVID-19

Exam Chair: David Malkin
Co-Supervisors: Kevin Brown and David Fisman
External Appraiser: Philip M. Polgreen
Voting Members: Derek MacFadden, Jeff Kwong

BERNICE YANFUL – December 12, 2023

Wednesday, December 12, 2023
9:30AM ET

Ghana’s School Feeding Programme as a Site of Discursive Struggle

Exam Chair: James Rini
Supervisor: Anne-Emanuelle Birn
External Appraiser: Irena Knezevic
Voting Members: Rupaleem Bhuyan, Cecilia Rocha, Ryan Isakson

IOANA NICOLAU – December 6, 2023

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
2:00pm ET

Quantifying the Burden of Cancer in People Living with HIV in Ontario and Examining Associations between CD4 Measures and Cancer Risk

Exam Chair: Susanne Ferber
Supervisor: Ann Burchell
External Appraiser: Meredith S. Shiels
Voting Members: Jennifer Brooks, Rahim Moineddin, Meghan Walker
Non-voting Member:

PAM KOLOPACK – November 28, 2023

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
2:00pm ET

Do Research Ethics Guidelines Promote Equitable Power Relationships Between Low-and-Middle Income Country Communities and High-Income Country Researchers?

Exam Chair: Rob Nolan
Supervisor: Alison Thompson
External Appraiser: Budd Hall
Voting Members: Ross Upshur, James Lavery, Elizabeth Peter

BETH ELLEN ROSSEN – November 22, 2023

Wednesday, November 22, 2023
1:00pm ET

The Quest for Health Information Resources by Young Adults with Disabilities: Building Theory

Exam Chair: Joel Sadavoy
Supervisor: Rebecca Renwick
External Appraiser: Argerie Tsimicalis
Voting Members: Melanie Barwick, John Cairney, Rebecca Gewurtz

CATHARINE CHAMBERS – October 17, 2023

Tuesday, October 17, 2023
2:00pm ET

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake and Effectiveness Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men

Exam Chair: Donald Weaver
Supervisor: Ann Burchell
External Appraiser: Eric Chow
Voting Members: Daniel Grace, Rinku Sutradhar, Jennifer Brooks, Shelly Bolotin

IFRAH ABDILLAHI – September 19, 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
10:00am ET

An idea whose time has come: Tracing the Emergence and Implementation of the Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism from 2011-2021

Exam Chair: Arthur Morta
Supervisor: Erica Di Ruggiero
External Examiner: Barbara-Ann G. Hamilton-Hinch
Voting Members: Arjumand Siddiqi, Kazumi Tsuchiya, Suzanne Sicchia

SUMEET KALIA – September 13, 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
1:00pm ET

Causal Inference Using Electronic Health Records in Primary Care

Exam Chair: Rongmin Zhao
Supervisor: Olli Saarela
External Examiner: Tyler Williamson
Voting Members: Rahim Moineddin, Michael Escobar, Eleanor Pullenayegum

MICHELLE GAFFEY – September 11, 2023

Monday, September 11, 2023
9:00am ET

Determinants of Levels and Trends in Child Mortality in Rural Northern Malawi

Exam Chair: Guillaume Filion
Supervisor: Diego G Bassani
External Examiner: Peter Waiswa
Voting Members: Mia Crampin, Daniel Roth, Arjumand Siddiqi

JUYEON LEE – August 24, 2023

Thursday, August 24, 2023
5:00pm ET

The Political Economy of the Development of Occupational Safety and Health Regulation in South Korea

Exam Chair: Fiona Miller
Supervisor: Erica Di Ruggiero
External Examiner: Michael Quinlan
Voting Members: Lisa Forman, Yoonkyung Lee, Ellen MacEachen

CHANGCHANG XU – August 24, 2023

Thursday, August 24, 2023
9:00am ET

Improving Mixture Cure Modelling of Multiple Molecular Factors in Cancer Prognosis

Exam Chair: Reina Bendayan
Supervisor: Shelley Bull
External Examiner: Yingwei Paul Peng
Voting Members: Laurent Briollais, Irene Andrulis, Eleanor Pullenayegum

SHAMIM AHMED – July 31, 2023

Monday, July 31, 2023
1:00pm ET

The Role of Male Partners’ in the Breastfeeding Practices of Female Readymade Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Exam Chair: Stephen Juvet
Supervisor: Daniel Sellen
External Examiner: Nathan Christopher Nickel
Voting Members: Erica Di Ruggiero, Rukhsana Haider, Anushka Ataullahjan
Non-voting Member: Shafi Bhuiyan

KARIMA JOY – July 31, 2023

Monday, July 31, 2023
10:00am ET

Grief Experiences in Life, Death, and the Workplace: A Critical Analysis of Bereavement Accommodation for Workers in Precarious Employment in Canada

Exam Chair: Peter McPherson
Supervisor: Pia Kontos
External Examiner: David Wright
Voting Members: Elizabeth Peter-Hardtke, Susan Cadell, Suzanne Sicchia

ZACHARY BOUCK – July 25, 2023

Tuesday, July 25th, 2023
10:00am ET

Assessing the Potential of Oral Opioid Agonist Treatment to Prevent Injection Drug Use Initiation Assistance

Exam Chair: Elizabeth Page-Gould
Supervisor: Andrea Tricco
External Examiner: Christine Leong
Voting Members: Hailey Banack, Daniel Werb, Michael Chaiton
Non-voting Member: Laura Rosella

JENNIFER JAIRAM – July 13, 2023

Thursday, 13 July, 2023
9:00 AM

Area-Level Constrained Income, Immigrant Status and Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Birth Outcomes in Ontario, Canada

Exam Chair: Ayelet Kuper
Supervisors: Joel Ray, Patricia O’Campo
External Examiner: Michael Kramer
Voting Members: Simone Vigod, Susan Bronskill

DAVID KINITZ – July 7, 2023

Friday, July 7th, 2023
1:00pm ET

Economic Insecurity, Work, and Mental Health among Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men: A Critical Narrative Inquiry into Precarious Work

Exam Chair: Tara Gomes
Supervisor: Dionne Gesink
External Examiner: Bianca Wilson
Voting Members: Lori Ross, Ellen MacEachen, Erica Di Ruggiero

BO CHEN – June 21, 2023

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023
10:00am ET

Causal Variance Decompositions for Evaluating Healthcare Provider Performance

Exam Chair: Mike Tymianski
Supervisor: Olli Saarela
External Examiner: Geneviève Lefebvre
Voting Members: Zhihui (Amy) Liu, Linbo Wang, Aya Mitani

SANGOOM KIM – June 8, 2023

Thursday, June 8th, 2023
9:00am ET

Phenotyping and Latent Genetic Interaction Analysis Using Quantile Regression

Exam Chair: York Pei
Supervisor: Lisa Strug
External Examiner: Kate Tilling
Voting Members: Shelley Bull, Laurent Briollais, Wei Xu

ANDRÉ McDONALD – March 27, 2023

Monday, March 27th, 2023
10:00am ET

The Association Between Youth Cannabis Use and Subsequent Health Service Use for Mood, Anxiety, and Psychotic Disorders

Exam Chair: Alan Cochrane
Supervisor: Susan Bondy
External Examiner: Mary Cannon
Voting Members: Jürgen Rehm, Paul Kurdyak, Jennifer Bell

SOPHIE ROHER – February 16, 2023

Thursday, February 16th, 2023
11:00am ET

Nats’eji: Exploring Understandings of and Experiences with Indigenous Wellness Services and Healing Practices at Stanton Territorial Hospital, Northwest Territories

Exam Chair: Marc Johnson
Supervisor: Jennifer Gibson
External Examiner: Sarah de Leeuw
Voting Members: Angela Mashford-Pringle, Tracey Galloway, Kathi Wilson
Non-voting Member: Susan Chatwood

SARAH SUTHERLAND – February 1, 2023

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
10:00am ET

Resilience and the Relationship between Care Environment and HIV Risk Factors in Orphaned and Separated Children and Adolescents in Western Kenya

Exam Chair: Ted Erclik
Supervisor: Harry Shannon
External Examiner: Michael Goodman
Voting Members: David Streiner, Olli Saarela, Hilary Brown

LEIF ERIK LOVBLOM – December 12, 2022

Monday, December 12, 2022
1:00pm ET
Room 111, 63 St. George Street

Joint Multistate Models for Correlated Disease Processes: Extending Approaches for Interval-Censoring, Mixed Observation Schemes, and Multiple Longitudinal Outcomes

Exam Chair: JC Zúñiga-Pflücker
Supervisors: George Tomlinson, Bruce Perkins
External Examiner: Yun-Hee Choi
Voting Members: Laurent Briollais, Shelley Bull

REBECCA CHRISTENSEN – December 1, 2022

Thursday, December 1st, 2022
2:00pm ET

The Independent and Combined Associations of Estimated Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat or Physical Activity with Invasive Postmenopausal Breast Cancer

Exam Chair: Lothar Lilge
Supervisor: Jennifer Brooks
External Examiner: Christine Friedenreich
Voting Members: Julia Knight, Rinku Sutradhar, Hailey Banack

NICOLA GAILITS – November 10, 2022

Thursday, November 10th, 2022
2:30pm ET
Room 650, 155 College Street

Making the Invisible, Visible: Reimagining Immigrant Mental Health Through the Stories of Latinx Women

Exam Chair: Katherine Berg
Supervisor: Lori Ross
External Examiner: Marina Morrow
Voting Members: Denise Gastaldo, Izumi Sakamoto, Rupaleem Bhuyan

JESSICA WONG – October 11, 2022

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
2:00pm ET

Effects of Back Pain and Mental Health Conditions on Health Care Utilization and Costs: A Population-based Perspective using a Novel Data Platform in Back Pain Research

Exam Chair: Raisa Deber
Supervisor: Laura Rosella
External Examiner: Clermont Dionne
Voting Members: Pierre Côté, Andrea Tricco, Susan Jaglal

TODD NORWOOD – September 28, 2022

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
2:00pm ET

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in Ontario: Detection, Incidence, Access, and Patient Outcomes

Exam Chair: Pamela Goodwin
Supervisor: Laura Rosella
External Examiner: Lawrence McCandless
Voting Members: Lorraine Lipscombe, Therese Stukel, John McLaughlin

CELINA CARTER – September 16, 2022

Friday, September 16, 2022
9:00am ET

An Examination of the Socio-Political Forces Shaping End-of-Life Conversations in Interprofessional Primary Care with Medically Frail Older Adults

Exam Chair: Rob Fowler
Supervisor: Pia Kontos
External Examiner: Erica Borgstrom
Voting Members: Ross Upshur, Shan Mohammed, Craig Dale

DANIEL HARRIS – September 7, 2022

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
3:00pm ET

Assessing the Potential Unintended Consequences of Antipsychotic Reduction in Nursing Homes: Medication Substitution and Changes to Diagnosis Coding

Exam Chair: Pamela Goodwin
Supervisor: Susan Bronskill
External Examiner: Donovan Maust
Voting Members: Andrea Iaboni, Laura Rosella, Jennifer Brooks
Non-voting Member: Peter Austin

VASILY GIANNAKEAS – August 23, 2022

Tuesday, August 23, 2022
1:30 pm EDT

The Association of Platelet Count on Cancer Incidence and Survival

Exam Chair: Helene Wagner
Supervisor: Steven Narod
External Examiner: Marc Carrier
Voting Members: Laura Rosella, Joanne Kotsopoulos, Geoffrey Liu

MIRANDA LESPERANCE – August 15, 2022

Monday, August 15, 2022
11 am EDT
63 St. George Street, Rm 111 (Hybrid)

“We are stories, not labels” – Anishinaabekweg Childrearing Experiences

Exam Chair: Susan Jaglal
Supervisor: Janet Smylie
External Examiner: Jennifer Leason
Voting Members: Earl Nowgesic, Renee Monchalin, Billie-Jo Hardy


Wednesday, July 27, 2022
11 am EDT

Risk Stratification for Lung Cancer Screening using an Epidemiologic, Molecular, and Quantitative Imaging Approach

Exam Chair: Sagi Abelson
Supervisors: Rayjean Hung, Kieran Campbell
External Examiner: John Witte
Voting Members: Laurent Briollais, Laura Rosella
Non-voting Member: Geoffrey Liu

MEGAN NGUYEN – July 25, 2022

Monday, July 25, 2022
9 am EDT

Rethinking Emotions: A Phenomenological, Photo-elicitation Study of Individuals Living with Cancer

Exam Chair: Jason Weir
Supervisor: Pia Kontos
External Examiner: Helen Fielding
Voting Members: Brenda Gladstone, Kym Maclaren, Clara Juando-Prats

ANDI CAMDEN – July 18, 2022

Monday, July 18, 2022
10 am EDT

Opioid Use in Pregnancy in Ontario, Canada – Using Population-Based Administrative Data to Evaluate the Health of Pregnant People and Children

Exam Chair: Andrew Spence
Supervisors: Teresa To, Astrid Guttmann
External Examiner: Scott Lorch
Voting Members: Tara Gomes, Marcelo Urquia
Non-voting Member: Joel Ray

JANNA MacLACHAN – July 12, 2022

Tuesday, July 12, 2022
1 pm EDT

Naalagiursaniq Tunnganarnirlu (Learning to Listen and be Welcoming): Engaging Inuit Perspectives on Timimut Ikajuqsivik (Rehabilitation) for Children in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut

Exam Chair: Cara Krmpotich
Supervisor: Stephanie Nixon
External Examiner: Wayne Clark
Voting Members: Anita Benoit, Earl Nowgesic, Andrea Andersen, Allison Crawford
Non-voting Member: Stephanie Nixon
Qualified Observer: Leetia Janes

WOOK YANG – July 11, 2022

Monday, July 11, 2022
10 am EDT

Cognitive and Mental Health in Aging Sexual Minority Populations: Diversifying the Minority Stress Model

Exam Chair: Jessamyn Schertz
Supervisor: Shelley Craig
External Examiner: Nathan Grant Smith
Voting Members: John Anderson, Lori Ross, Harry Taylor


Wednesday, June 22, 2022
4:45 pm ET

Six-Case Comparative Study to Identify Systems Thinking Approaches in Government-designed Public Health Strategies

Exam Chair: Daniel Moore
Supervisor: Robert Schwartz
External Examiner: Lucie Rychetnik
Voting Members: Lori Ross, Diane Finegood, Terry Sullivan

SHILO McBURNEY – June 16, 2022

Thursday, June 16, 2022
10:00 am ET

The Problem with Pertussis: Finding Undetected Pertussis Cases in Electronic Medical Record Primary Care (EMRPC) to Improve Data Accuracy and Burden Estimates

Exam Chair: Caroline Fusco
Supervisor: Jeffrey Kwong
External Examiner: Elizabeth Miller
Voting Members: Frank Rudzicz, Kevin Brown, Karen Tu, Shelly Bolotin

CATHY LONG – April 19, 2022

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
1:00 pm ET

An Examination of the Pre-Implementation Stage of a Supervised Consumption Service in an Acute Care Hospital

Exam Chair: Belinda Chang
Supervisor: Carol Strike
External Examiner: William Small
Voting Members: Michelle Firestone, Ahmed Bayoumi, Branka Agic

ISHA BERRY – March 24, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022
12:00 pm ET

Influenza and Avian Influenza in Urban Bangladesh: Live Poultry Exposure, Seasonality, and Pandemic Risk at the Human-Poultry Interface

Exam Chair: Elaine Biddiss
Supervisor: David Fisman
External Examiner: Peter Rabinowitz
Voting Members: Amy Greer, Shaun Morris, Nelson Lee
Qualified Observer: Punam Mangtani

RAMANDIP GREWAL – February 3, 2022

Thursday, February 3, 2022
12:00 pm ET

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men and Men Living with HIV

Exam Chair: Jüri Reimand
Supervisors: Ann Burchell, Shelley Deeks
External Examiner: Alan Nyitray
Voting Members: Trevor Hart, Jennifer Brooks

MICHELLE AMRI – December 14, 2021

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021
11:00 am ET

An Investigation into the World Health Organization’s Discussion of Health Equity and Resulting Operationalization to Policy and Practice

Exam Chair: Kenneth Chapman
Supervisors: Patricia O’Campo, Theresa Enright
External Examiner: Ronald Labonté
Voting Members: Erica Di Ruggiero, Lisa Forman
Non-voting Member: Arjumand Siddiqi


Friday, October 15th, 2021
2:00 pm ET

Legislation of Structural Violence, Inequities, and Social Injustices? An Institutional Ethnography of the Social Organization of HIV Healthcare and Treatment for African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) People Living with HIV in Canada

Exam Chair: Lothar Lilge
Supervisor: Daniel Grace
External Examiner: Henry Parada
Voting Members: Patricia O’Campo, LaRon Nelson, Charmaine Williams
Non-voting Member: Lisa Forman

SUDIPTA SAHA – September 30, 2021

Thursday, September 30, 2021
9:00 am ET

Causal Inference Methods for Secondary Analysis of Randomized Screening Trials

Exam Chair: Paul Grootendorst
Supervisor: Olli Saarela
External Examiner: Russell Steele
Voting Members: Wendy Lou, Zhihui (Amy) Liu, Eleanor Pullenayegum, Laurent Briollais

MARIANA FERRAZ DUARTE – September 22, 2021

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
2:00 pm ET

The struggle for urban resources in Sao Paulo, Brazil: How can the housing movement tackle urban health inequities?

Exam Chair: Jean Chen
Supervisor: Arjumand Siddiqi
External Examiner: Patricia Perkins
Voting Members: Denise Gastaldo, Josephine Wong, Erica Di Ruggiero

LAURA ALISON WARREN – September 3, 2021

Friday, September 3, 2021
1:00 pm ET

Ageing Among Off-Reserve Indigenous Populations in Canada

Exam Chair: Sandy Smith
Supervisors: Laura Rosella, Jennifer Walker
External Examiner: Sylvia Abonyi
Voting Members: Jennifer Brooks
Qualified Observer: Elder John Sawyer

REBECCA BARRY – September 1, 2021

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
1:00pm ET

Help-Seeking Behaviours, Access to Care and Suicide among Rural and Urban Populations in Ontario, Canada

Exam Chair: Peter McPherson
Supervisors: Jurgen Rehm, Paul Kurdyak
External Examiner: James Bolton
Voting Members: John McLaughlin

SHAHRIAR SHAMS – August 25, 2021

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
10:00am ET

Quantifying and Reducing Uncertainty in the Measurement of Health Utilities

Exam Chair: Cari Whyne
Supervisor: Eleanor Pullenayegum
External Examiner: Samer Kharroubi
Voting Members: Michael Escobar, Petros Pechlivanoglou, Anna Heath, George Tomlinson


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Community Conceptualizations of Women’s Everyday Mental Distress: The Importance of Social Contexts, Power and Agency in Shaping Women’s Distress Experiences in Eldoret, Kenya

Exam Chair: Helene Wagner
Supervisor: Lisa Forman
External Examiner: Rochelle Burgess
Voting Members: Donald Cole, Brenda Gladstone, Haley Hamilton
Non-voting Member: Ted Myers

LAILA RAHMAN – July 29, 2021

Thursday, July 29, 2021
10am ET

Troubling Intersections: Physical Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Bangladesh

Exam Chair: Haley Wyatt
Supervisor: Gillian Einstein
External Examiner: Michelle Hindin
Voting Members: Patricia O’Campo, Janice Du Mont, Suzanne Sicchia


Wednesday, July 28, 2021
10am ET

“No one can decide for us…the solutions are within us”: Rhetoric and Reality of Youth Participation and Power in Sexual and Reproductive Health Decision-Making in Malawi

Exam Chair: Marie-Josee Fortin
Supervisor: Anne-Emanuelle Birn
External Examiner: Claudia Mitchell
Voting Members: Brenda Gladstone, Paula Braitstein, Erica Di Ruggiero


Friday, July 23, 2021
12:00 pm ET

An Institutional Ethnography of the Social Relations that Shape Reproductive Health Care Experiences for Women with Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting/Circumcision (FGC) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Exam Chair: Scott Gray-Owen
Supervisors: Gillian Einstein, Daniel Grace
External Examiner: Crista Johnson-Agbakwu
Voting Members: Janice Boddy, Suzanne Sicchia

KALEEN HAYES – June 22, 2021

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
8:00 am ET

Understanding Patterns and Estimating Relative Effects of Long-term Bisphosphonate Therapy and Drug Holidays

Exam Chair: Robert Macgregor
Supervisor: Suzanne Cadarette
External Examiner: Richard Eastell
Voting Members: Kevin Brown, Angela Cheung, Susan Bronskill
Non-voting Member: David Juurlink

KUAN LIU – June 14, 2021

Monday, June 14, 2021
1:00 pm ET

Bayesian Causal Inference with Longitudinal Data

Exam Chair: Martha Brown
Supervisor: Eleanor Pullenayegum
External Examiner: Lawrence McCandless
Voting Members: Olli Saarela, George Tomlinson, Aya Mitani

JENNIFER GILLIS – June 3, 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021
6:00 pm ET

Secondary Prevention of Anal Cancer in Men Living with HIV: Acceptability and Suitability of Anal Cancer Screening by Anal Pap Cytology and HPV DNA Type Testing

Exam Chair: Brian Silverman
Supervisors: Ann Burchell, Janet Raboud
External Examiner: David Templeton
Voting Members: Aisha Lofters, Laura Rosella
Non-voting Member: Olli Saarela

KATHRYN WIENS – May 19, 2021

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
1:00pm ET

Healthcare Utilization among Adults with a History of Homelessness: The Distribution and Determinants of High-cost Use of the Healthcare System

Exam Chair: Aaron Schimmer
Supervisor: Stephen Hwang
External Examiner: Margot Kushel
Voting Members: Laura Rosella, Paul Kurdyak, Brendan Smith


Monday, March 29, 2021
10:00am EST

Association Between Early Life Exposure to Phthalates and Organophosphate Esters and the Development of Childhood Asthma and Wheeze

Exam Chair: Meena Andiappan
Supervisors: Miriam Diamond, Jeffrey Brook
External Examiner: Christopher Carlsten
Voting Members: Shelley Harris, Arthur Chan
Non-voting Member: Padmaja Subbarao

NAKIA LEE-FOON – March 23, 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
10:00am EST

Exploring the State of Sexual Health Literacy among Young Black Gay and Other Men who Have Sex with Other Men in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Exam Chair: Catherine Sabiston
Supervisor: Daniel Grace
External Examiner: Patrick Sullivan
Voting Members: Carmen Logie, Arjumand Siddiqi, Lance McCready


Friday, January 8, 2021
2:00pm EST

Contextualizing the Crisis in the Hospital Discharge Process for People Experiencing Homelessness in Toronto, Canada: “Danger and Opportunity”

Exam Chair: Cynthia Hawkins
Supervisors: Erica Di Ruggiero, Stephen Hwang
External Examiner: Cheryl Forchuk
Voting Members: Carol Strike, Branka Agic

SAMANTHA WHITE – December 18, 2020

Friday, December 18, 2020
1:00pm EST

Opioid Abuse among Injection Drug Users and association with City-Level Prescription Opioid Dispensing Rates in Ontario

Exam Chair: Jack Greenblatt
Supervisor: Susan Bondy
External Examiner: Thomas Nochajski
Voting Members: Brian Rush, Michelle Firestone, Robert Mann

ASTRID ESCRIG PINOL – December 15, 2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
10:00am EST

Salud, Dinero y Amor: Mexican Women and their Extended Families Confronting Precarity in a Canadian Agricultural Labour Migration Program

Exam Chair: Spike Lee
Supervisors: Denise Gastaldo, Andrea Cortinois
External Examiner: Tanya Basok
Voting Members: Janet McLaughlin, Erica Di Ruggiero

TIFFANY FITZPATRICK – September 16, 2020

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
2:00 pm EST

Severe RSV-related Illness Among Ontario Children: Using Population-based, Administrative Data to Comprehensively Identify High-risk Children and Evaluate Population Interventions

Exam Chair: Caroline Fusco
Supervisors: David Fisman, Astrid Guttmann
External Examiner: Michael Jackson
Voting Members: Jeff Kwong, Upton Allen
Non-voting Member: Dayre McNally

JONATHAN KAI-HUN FAN – August 31, 2020

Monday, August 31, 2020
10:00 am EST

Age-related Differences in Work Outcomes: Developing a Better Understanding of Variations in Return-to-work, Wage-replacement and Retirement Outcomes using Better Methods and Data

Exam Chair: Voula Kanelis
Supervisor: Peter Smith
External Examiner: Lauren Griffith
Voting Members: Monique Gignac, Anne Harris, Harry Shannon

CHI-DAN VICKY CHANG – August 26, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
10:00 am EST

Investigating the Association between Iron and Breast Cancer Risk &
Factors Associated with Iron Status among Canadian Women

Exam Chair: Peter M. Kotanen
Supervisor: Michelle Cotterchio
External Examiner: Christine Ambrosone
Voting Members: Susan Bondy, Joanne Kotsopoulos, John McLaughlin


Monday, August 24, 2020
10:00 am EST

Viral Hepatitis among Immigrants: A Population-based Comparison Using Linked Laboratory and Health Administrative Data

Exam Chair: Blair Armstrong
Supervisor: Jeff Kwong
External Examiner: Julie Bruneau
Voting Members: Rafal Kustra, Jordan Feld, Ann Burchell
Non-voting Members: Natasha Crowcroft, Liane MacDonald

NIDA MUSTAFA – August 20, 2020

Thursday, August 20, 2020
2:00 pm EST

Lived Experiences of Chronic Pain among Immigrant Indian Women in Canada

Exam Chair: Vinod Chandran
Supervisor: Gillian Einstein
External Examiner: Joan L. Bottorff
Voting Members: Judith Watt-Watson, Margaret MacNeill, Craig Dale

CHRISTINA YOUNG – August 4, 2020

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
12:00 pm EST

Constrained Care: Doula Practice and Hospital Birth

Exam Chair: Craig Chambers
Supervisors: Peggy McDonough, Bonnie Fox
External Examiner: Cecilia Benoit
Voting Members: Agnieszka Kosny, Cynthia Cranford

ARMEND LOKKU – July 17, 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020
12:00 pm EST

Summary Measures for Quantifying the Extent of Visit Irregularity in Longitudinal Data

Exam Chair: Bruce Pollock
Supervisor: Eleanor Pullenayegum
External Examiner: James Hanley
Voting Members: Olli Saarela, Wendy Lou, Rahim Moineddin, Charlie Keown-Stoneman

GOLDAMEIR ONEKA – June 26,2020

Friday, June 26, 2020
10:00 am EST

Health in All Policies (HiAP): A Realist Multiple Explanatory Case Study Examining the Implementation of HiAP

Exam Chair: Lawrence Sawchuck
Supervisor: Patricia O’Campo
External Examiner: Theodore F. Schrecker
Voting Members: Arjumand Siddiqi, Carles Muntaner, Erica Di Ruggeiro

NADIA FAZAL – June 15, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020
10:00 am EST

Global Health Promotion and Arts Approaches in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo; Taking a Critical Social Science and Decolonial Perspective to Strengthening Community Action for Health.

Exam Chair: Lisa Cranley
Supervisor: Donald Cole
External Examiner: Sarah Flicker
Voting Members: Suzanne Jackson, Paula Gardner, Stephanie Nixon


Monday, April 6, 2020
10:30 am EST

Life After Colorectal Cancer: A Qualitative Study of Health and Illness Post-treatment

Exam Chair: Irene Andrulis
Supervisor: Doris Howell
External Examiner: Parisa Safai
Voting Members: Jennifer Jones, Rinat Nissim, Fred Ashbury

GILLIAN KOLLA – March 23, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020
4:00 pm EST

Criminalization and Care: The Limits of a Public Health Approach to Addressing Drug Use

Exam Chair: Jan Barnsley
Supervisor: Carol Strike
External Examiner: Carla Treloar
Voting Members: Jooyoung Lee, Maritt Kirst, Daniel Grace
Non-Voting Member: Patricia Erickson

ZIHANG LU – March 20, 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020
1:00 pm EST
Room 650, 155 College Street

Bayesian Growth Mixture Model for Clustering Longitudinal Data

Exam Chair: Marla Sokolowski
Supervisors: Wendy Lou, Padmaja Subbarao
External Examiner: Joel Dubin
Voting Members: Michael Escobar, Olli Saarela, Wei Xu, Malcolm Binns
Non-Voting Member: Padmaja Subbarao

MOHSEN SOLTANIFAR – March 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
2:00 pm EST
Room 650, 155 College Street

Stop Signal Reaction Times: New Estimations with Longitudinal, Bayesian and Time Series based Methods

Exam Chair: Warren Lee
Supervisors: Michael Escobar, Annie Dupuis
External Examiner: Abbas Khalili
Voting Members: Wendy Lou, Rahim Moineddin

COREY McAULIFFE – March 11, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
10:00 am EST
Room 109, 63 St. George Street

A Phenomenological Account of Women Graduate Students: The Lived Experience of Participating in Global Public Health Practice

Exam Chair: Aviv Shachak
Supervisors: Daniel Sellen, Erica Di Ruggiero
External Examiner: Clare Barrington
Voting Members: Ross Upshur, Lori Ross

SHIRA TAYLOR – March 10, 2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
1:00 pm EST
Room 109, 63, St. George Street

SExT: Sex Education by Theatre – Theatre as a Pedagogical Tool for Sexual Health Education in a Newcomer Priority Neighbourhood

Exam Chair: Jacques Belik
Supervisor: Liviana Calzavara
External Examiner: Sarah Flicker
Voting Members: Rob Schwartz, Pia Kontos, Daniel Grace