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The Dalla Lana School of Public Health community is pleased and excited to welcome our inaugural Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) cohort in September 2021. We have a strong group of professionals, most of whom are at or approaching mid-career. They will spend the coming years strengthening their academic skills in parallel to applying them to many of the public health leadership challenges of today and in the coming years.

With a focus on the applied and practical, the DrPH students will benefit from our strong faculty and health networks. As the incoming cohort demonstrates, the program is here for passionate professionals addressing practical challenges. Students will build their competencies in public health leadership, health systems, evidence generation appraisal, and knowledge transfer leading to program implementation. In parallel, an applied research project in public health leading to a dissertation will already be a platform for making a difference.

We aim to further develop emerging public health leaders and decision makers who will be impacting people’s lives and wellbeing.

Please join me in welcoming our inaugural cohort, launching the first Doctor of Public Health program in Canada, and fulfilling a key strategic initiative for our community.