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Requirements & Instructions

  1. UTORMFA Enrollment is mandatory to access REDCap, please see the link below to enroll if you have not already:
  2. How to get Access to REDCap
  3. First Download the Form:  REDCap Access Form


      1. Download the Form (Step 3) and Open it, using Adobe Acrobat. (Do NOT use a browser to open the LINKED FILE)
      2. Fill and save the Form you downloaded above.
      3. Requests for REDCap access must be made through the Enterprise Service Centre. To initiate the request, proceed to the following URL:
      4. NOTE (in Step “n”): You must Add ADRIAN’ to the watchlist of the Enterprise Service Centre Ticket.
      5. Once there, click on IT Service Centre.
      6. Then click on Get Help.
      7. In the drop-down menus select the following options:
      8. UNDER “Please indicate the area in which you are experiencing an issue:” choose Research Tools.
      9. UNDER “Further specify the area:” choose REDCap.
      10. UNDER “Please describe your question…” type Request for access to REDCap.
      11. Click Add attachments at the bottom and upload the completed REDCap request form.
      12. Click Submit.
      13. On the next screen CLICK on the “Watchlist Manager” tab
      14. Add ADRIAN GOMES ( to the watchlist of the Enterprise Service Centre, this will facilitate a quicker approval.

    Please contact if you have any questions or concerns