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The DLSPH has set aside seed funding for non-COVID-19 research seed funding to preserve the richness of our research portfolio through prioritization of non-COVID-19 research proposals.

To be eligible for funding all of the following criteria must be met:

  • The PI is a core faculty member
  • Research program in need of funding (e.g. PI has applied for external operating research grants through DLSPH in the past year, but has not been successful in securing funding; PI requires funds to maintain trainees/staff)
  • Clear case for the likelihood of a return on the DLSPH investment
  • Commitment to participate in the internal pre-submission grant peer-review

We aim to support as many excellent proposals as possible. Therefore, smaller funding requests with high potential value will be prioritized. Previous DLSPH seed funding awardees will have low priority.

To be considered, provide a one-page proposal of your request and a budget justification addressing each criterion. The eligible proposals will be from core faculty who will commit to submit and hold their funds at DLSPH. Proposals will be reviewed by the ADR and the Dean on the first and third Wednesdays. For questions and requests for seed funding, please contact the DLSPH Associate Dean of Research.

The DLSPH Office of Research will continue to conduct active searches for a wide range of research funding opportunities and post them and other resources to the research section of the DLSPH website: If you wish to have support with a personalized search, please contact Caroline Godbout.