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Selection of research projects held at DLSPH in the 2020-21 grant year:

Preparedness for Practice and Practice Choices: A Qualitative Study on the Perspectives of Early Career Family Physicians in Canada​

Broad and deep longitudinal Analysis in Neurodegenerative disease (BRAIN)​

Ontario Health Team Impact Fellowship Program​

Principal Investigator Funder Project Title
AGGARWAL, MONICA College of Family Physicians of Canada  Preparedness for Practice and Practice Choices: A Qualitative Study on the Perspectives of Early Career Family Physicians in Canada
ANDERSON, GEOFF CCNA – CIHR  Broad and deep longitudinal Analysis in Neurodegenerative disease (BRAIN)
ANDIAPPAN, MEENA SSHRC When doing good becomes doing bad: The effects of repeated necessary evil enactment on moral disengagement
ARRANDALE, VICTORIA Canadian Cancer Society Combining contact lens sensors, metabolomics and artificial intelligence to characterize exposure and breast cancer biomarkers
AWADALLA, PHILIP Public Health Agency of Canada Surveying Prospective population Cohorts for COVID19 prevalence and outcomes in Canada (SUPPORT-Canada)
BAKER, G ROSS Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Ontario Health Team Impact Fellowship Program
BENOIT, ANITA CIHR Reducing stress and improving mental health and wellness among Indigenous women with socio-economic insecurities living with and without HIV
BENOIT, ANITA CIHR Reducing stress and improving mental health and wellness among Indigenous women with socio-economic insecurities living with and without HIV
BERTA, WHITNEY CIHR SUSTAINMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND SPREAD STUDY (SSASSy): An Exploratory Study of Factors that Contribute to the Sustainability, Sustainment & Spread of a Complex Quality Improvement
BRAITSTEIN, PAULA CIHR Adapting and scaling-up a Peer Navigators to targeted populations of street-involved youth in Canada and Kenya to increase linkage to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.
BROOK, JEFFREY CIHR CANadian Urban Environmental (CANUE) Health Research Consortium
BROOK, JEFFREY Public Health Agency of Canada Equity – Built Environment Surveillance Tools (E-Best)
BROOKS, JENNIFER CIHR MRI parenchymal enhancement and risk of breast cancer: A population-based study of women screened in the Ontario Breast Screening Program
BUCHAN, SARAH Hospital for Sick Children Burden, cost, and development of asthma related to severe RSV infections
BULL, SHELLEY NSERC Integrative Statistical Modelling in Genetics and Genomics
CHIARELLI, ANNA MARIA Ministry of Research and Innovation Personalized Risk Assessment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
DIRUGGIERO, ERICA IDRC Advancing an IDRC agenda on healthy and sustainable food systems research
DOBROW, MARK CIHR Health System Learning from Knowledges and Evidence Held Within Indigenous Communities
DUMONT, JANICE SSHRC Mobilizing Partnerships to Advance a Provincial Intersectoral Network on Trans-Affirming Practice to Support Sexual Assault Survivors – the trans-LINK Project
ESCOBAR, MICHAEL NIH Machine learning to inform health services and policy for traumatic brain injury
FIRESTONE, MICHELLE CONNAUGHT Community voice and leadership from within institutionalized care models: lessons from COVID-19
FISMAN, DAVID CIHR Understanding, Forecasting and Communicating Risk During the COVID-19 Epidemic
FISMAN, DAVID CIHR An Online Platform for Expanding Antibiotic Stewardship: OPEN Stewardship
FORMAN, LISA WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION COVID-19 and the International Health Regulations: Ethical and Legal Considerations for Travel Restrictions in 2021 and Beyond
GAGNON, FRANCE CIHR Sex differences in the risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism: testing an epigenetic hypothesis
GESINK, DIONNE CIHR Sexual Health and STI Prevention For Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) In Suburban Cities
GIGNAC, MONICQUE SSHRC Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED): A Partnership to Deliver Workplace Tools and Resources to Sustain the Employment of People with Chronic, Episodic Conditions
GOEL, VIVEK PHAC CanCOVID Sentinel Intelligence: SITE Initiative
GOEL, VIVEK MCMASTER HEALTH LABS COVID-19 International Border Surveillance Study Data Analysis Project
GRACE, DANIEL CIHR Engage-COVID-19: A mixed methods study of biomedical, behavioural, and psychosocial aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex in men in Canada
GRACE, DANIEL CANFAR Improving Black women’s experiences when accessing HIV-related services in Toronto: Critical narrative explorations of race and racism
HOLNESS, LINN Labour (ON), Min of Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease
HOWARD, REBECCA CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION Landscape Analysis of Canada’s Pandemic Response Supply Chain: Towards a Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Pandemic Response Materials Ecosystem
JACKEVICIUS, CYNTHIA HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION Optimizing Novel Diabetes Therapy in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
JETHA, ARIF SSHRC Transitioning to the future of work: An intersectional study of vulnerable youth and young adults
KIRSH, VICTORIA CANCER CARE ONTARIO The Canadian Study of Diet, Lifestyle, and Health
KUSTRA, RAFAL ST MICHAEL’S HOSPITAL Leveraging historical population-based data to validate mathematical modeling of COVID-19 transmission and inform population-specific interventions
MARCHILDON, GREGORY ALZHEIMER SOCIETY OF CANADA Comparative Policy Analysis of Programs to Support People with Dementia and Co-Existing Complex Needs and their Caregivers
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA SSHRC Kijibashik – Turn it Around: Indigenous Women’s Stories on Motherhood and Incarceration

Early Partnerships in Building Community-Led Programs and Supports for Incarcerated Indigenous Mothers in Ontario
FLORA, MATHESON NSERC Self-management in the age of complexity: An eHealth tool to support people experiencing problem gambling, poverty & homelessness
MILLER, FIONA CIHR Blockbuster Diagnostics? The political economy of diagnostic innovation in comparative perspective
PEREZ-BRUMER, AMAYA SSHRC Migration at the Margins: Testimonios of Belonging and Social Rights for Venezuelan Transgender Refugees in Latin America
QUYNH, PHAM CIHR Actionable Analytics for Optimized Heart Failure Management and Self-Care
POLAND, BLAKE Connaught Fund Connected Communities in a time of Physical Distancing: Community-led responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in City of Toronto
ROSELLA, LAURA CONNAUGHT FUND Building a Real-Time Health System COVID Collaborative Data and Analytics Hub in Ontario
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR Population health analytics in action: Improving impact, sustainability & equity of the health care system
ROSELLA, LAURA PHAC Canadian open data initiative in response to the pandemic (PHAC)
ROSS, LORI PHAC An intervention to enhance the capacity of providers working in trauma services to respond to the needs of LGBTQ2+ clients
ROSS, LORI SSHRC The political economy of precarious work: Stories of economic insecurity and work among sexual minority men
SCHWARTZ, KEVIN PHYSICIAN SERVICES INC. FOUNDATION The Ontario Program To Improve AntiMIcrobial USE (OPTIMISE): Building the Foundation for a Community Stewardship Program
SCHWARTZ, KEVIN CIHR The JPIAMR Antibiotic Audit and Feedback International Collaboration: Best practices for the delivery of antibiotic prescribing feedback to community clinicians using behavioural science
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT PHAC All Together Now! An Intervention to Reach LGBTQI2S+ Young Adult Smokers
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health Canada Designing Youth Vaping Cessation Interventions
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT CIHR RETRAC2: Research on Commercial Tobacco Reduction in Aboriginal Communities
SCOTT, JAMES MINISTRY OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION Increasing Testing Capacity for Critical Respiratory PPE in Ontario for the Current COVID Pandemic and Beyond: Budget Request and Description of Warranted Testing Procedures
SCOTT, JAMES CONNAUGHT Improving & Evaluating Aerosol PPE & Containment Devices for COVID-19 Virus
SETO, EMILY CIHR Nurse-Led Integrated Care of Complex Patients Facilitated by Telemonitoring during Transition from Hospital to Home
SETO, EMILY MNISTRY OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION Mobile Innovations to Support Health Services
SHAW, JAMES SSHRC Values Ecosystems in the Design of Artificial Intelligence for Health Care: An Exploratory Focused Ethnography
SIDDIQI, ARJUMAND CIHR – Grants How Unequal is Health Status Across Race/Ethnic Groups in Canada? Using Census-Linked Mortality Data to Answer the Government’s Call for Rigorous Evidence
SMYLIE, JANET CONNAUGHT Rapid Implementation of a Shared COVID-19 Tracking and Response Platform for FNIM Populations in Canada
SRIHARAN, ABIRAMY CIHR Stress, burnout and depression in women in health care during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Rapid Evidence Synthesis
STEWART, SUZANNE CIHR Holistic Indigenous Mental Health and Wellness: Transforming health care strenghts and solutions
STEWART, SUZANNE NCE: MAKING THE SHIFT NETWORK Making the Shift – Youth Homelessness Solutions Impact Accelerator (MtS)
STRIKE, CAROL OHTN Emergency Safe Supply Program: Examining an innovative model to improve the continuum of care for people who use drugs and address the overdose crisis
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA Natural Sciences & Engineering Designing Tools to Support Cognitive Decision Making Under Uncertainty
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA CIHR Improving Hospital Opioid Diversion Safeguards
TUITE, ASHLEY Health Canada Support in modelling and simulations of public health measures combinations (social distancing and tracing and quarantine) to assess healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
WEI, XIAOLIN IDRC Developing integrated guidelines for health care workers in hospital and primary healthcare facilities in response to Covid-19 pandemic in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)
WODCHIS, WALTER Ontario SPOR Support Unit Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN).
WODCHIS, WALTER Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Health System Performance Research Network
XU, WEI Natural Sciences & Engineering Methodology Development and Implementation for Microbiome Sequencing Data: Hierarchical Modeling on Clustered Taxa