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Selection of research projects held at DLSPH in 2022:

AGGARWAL, MONICA Assoc of Family Health Teams of Ont High Performing Primary Care Systems
AGGARWAL, MONICA Social Sciences & Humanities Towards Adaptability In General Practice: Defining the Capabilities and Competencies of High-performing Family Physicians
ALLIN, SARA University of British Columbia Upstream determinants of effective COVID-19 response: learning from comparisons across Canada’s provinces
ANDERSON, GEOFF CIHR – Grants Understanding the Wider Health and Equity Impacts of Public Health COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies on Young Mothers, Children and Youth Living in Cities
ANDIAPPAN, MEENA Social Sciences & Humanities The Brothers are Watching: The Peer Monitoring Mechanism of Rivalry in Reducing Unethical Behavior at Work
ANDIAPPAN, MEENA Social Sciences & Humanities Me and AI: How interacting with Artificial Intelligence collaborators affects individuals’ expectations of, and attitudes towards, the role of AI in the workplace
ARRANDALE, VICTORIA Social Sciences & Humanities Building Safer Nail Salons: Addressing the Intersections of Employment, Health, and Anti-Asian Racism
AWADALLA, PHILIP Public Health Agency of Canada SUrveying Prospective Population cOhorts for COVID19 pRevalence and ouTcomes in Canada (SUPPORT-Canada)
BAKER, G. ROSS Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Ontario Health Team Impact Fellowship Program
BISWAS, AVIROOP Social Sciences & Humanities Champions as social agents of change: What can we learn from worker wellbeing initiatives?
BOLOTIN, SHELLY CIHR – Grants Is Ontario Prepared for the Return of Measles?
BONDY, SUSAN University of British Columbia An integrated online approach to mental health and substance use among university students
BRAITSTEIN, PAULA CIHR – Grants Adapting and scaling-up ‘Peer Navigators’ to targeted populations of street-involved youth in Canada and Kenya to increase linkage to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.
BROOK, JEFFREY Public Health Agency of Canada Equity –  Built Environment Surveillance Tools (E-Best)
BROWN, ADALSTEINN Canadian Red Cross Blood Community Health, Leadership and Impact
BULL, SHELLEY Natural Sciences & Engineering Integrative Statistical Modelling in Genetics and Genomics
CHIARELLI, ANNA MARIA Research and Innovation (ON), Min o Personalized Risk Assessment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
DI RUGGIERO, ERICA MARIE CHRISTINE Social Sciences & Humanities Improving vaccine confidence in racial and ethnic minority communities:  evaluating local public health partnerships in Ontario
DOBROW, MARK CIHR – Grants Health System Learning from Knowledges and Evidence Held Within Indigenous Communities
GIGNAC, MONIQUE Social Sciences & Humanities Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED): A Partnership to Deliver Workplace Tools and Resources to Sustain the Employment of People with Chronic, Episodic Conditions
GRACE, DANIEL CIHR – Grants 2SLGBTQ+ Health Hub: An Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Training and Mentorship Platform
GRACE, DANIEL CIHR – Grants Patient Engagement in the 2SLGBTQ+ Health Hub: An Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Training and Mentorship Platform (SPOR Supplement for 2022 funded CIHR Training Platform)
HOLLOWAY, KELLY J Social Sciences & Humanities Liquid gold: Exploring the social landscape of expanding use of immune globulin in Canada
HOLNESS, D LINN Labour (ON), Min of Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease
IBANEZ-CARRASCO, FRANCISCO CIHR – Grants Living with HIV and Chronic Pain in Canada: A Community-Based, Mixed-Methods, Multi-sectoral, interdisciplinary, and intersectional study
JACKEVICIUS, CYNTHIA CIHR – Grants A Population-Based Analysis of the Adverse Effects and Adherence of Novel Diabetes Therapy in Older Persons with Cardiovascular Disease
JETHA, ARIF Social Sciences & Humanities Intelligent machines and human worker inequities: Examining the implications of artificial intelligence in the workplace
KIRKHAM, TRACY University of British Columbia COVID-19 Occupational Risks, Seroprevalence and Immunity among Paramedics in Canada (CORSIP Canada)
LAPORTE, AUDREY Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min PEPR Project
LAW, SUSAN Public Health Agency of Canada CanCOVID Sentinel Intelligence: SITE Initiative
LAW, SUSAN Trillium Health Partners From the heart: women’s experiences of living with heart failure
LOU, WEN-YI WENDY Hospital for Sick Children Statistical Modeling for the Causational Roles of the Gut Microbiome in Childhood Asthma
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA CIHR – Grants Establishing an Indigenous Guidance Council on Healing and Interconnectedness for Previously Incarcerated Indigenous Women, Men, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA Social Sciences & Humanities Kijibashik – Turn it Around: Indigenous Women’s Stories on Motherhood and Incarceration
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA Connaught Fund Partnerships First: Building and Nurturing Relationships with First Nations towards a Community Based Participatory Action Research project around climate-health adaptation targeting Lyme disease
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN ROSS Cdn Partnership Against Cancer Corp Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
MCPHERSON, AMY Social Sciences & Humanities We Are Sexual Too: A Partnership to Support the Intimate Citizenship of Disabled Youth Across Canada by Mobilizing Knowledge About Sexuality and Disability
MILLER, FIONA Environment Canada Project CASCADES (Creating a Sustainable Canadian Health System in a Climate Crisis)
MILLER, FIONA CIHR – Grants Sustainable health technology regulation: Mobilizing regulation to improve the environmental performance of health technologies
MILLER, FIONA Social Sciences & Humanities Sustainability transition experiments: The case of the health sector
PEREZ-BRUMER, AMAYA CIHR – Grants Proyecto RADIANTE: Improving HIV and STI Prevention and Care for refugee and displaced Venezuelans engaged in Sex Work in Lima, Peru
PEREZ-BRUMER, AMAYA Ontario Government Early Research Award 2021
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR – Grants Artificial Intelligence for Public Health (AI4PH) Training Platform
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR – Grants A national study of community belonging and the influence of local environments on population health and health systems
ROSELLA, LAURA Trillium Health Partners Foundation Using data to guide population health management: A comprehensive evaluation of analytic approaches for population segmentation
ROSELLA, LAURA Social Sciences & Humanities A Community Informed Approach to Characterizing Community Wellbeing
ROSS, LORI ELIZABETH Social Sciences & Humanities Mapping the gaps in graduate student/faculty mental health praxis in Ontario
SANDER, BEATE Canada First Research Excellence Fund Bringing a Health Technology Assessment Lens to the Evaluation of Regenerative Medicines: The case of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy for Diffuse large B cell Lymphoma
SCHWARTZ, KEVIN CIHR – Grants The JPIAMR Antibiotic Audit and Feedback International Collaboration: Best practices for the delivery of antibiotic prescribing feedback to community clinicians using behavioural science
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Public Health Agency of Canada All Together Now! An Intervention to Reach LGBTQI2S+ Young Adult Smokers
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health Canada Designing Youth Vaping Cessation Interventions
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Canadian Cancer Society Construction Industry Tobacco Cessation Project
SCOTT, JEREMY Natural Sciences & Engineering Impact of environmental air pollution on arginine metabolism in the lung
SETO, EMILY CIHR – Grants Feasibility of implementing a mobile phone-based telemonitoring program to support pregnant individuals at high-risk for pre-eclampsia in Karachi, Pakistan
SETO, EMILY CIHR – Grants Nurse-Led Integrated Care of Complex Patients Facilitated by Telemonitoring during Transition from Hospital to Home
SRIHARAN, ABIRAMY CIHR – Grants Why they Persist in Health Workforce: A Mixed Method Study to Characterize and Examine the Experiences of Women
SRIHARAN, ABIRAMY Connaught Fund Future of Work in the Health Sector in the Age of Intelligent Machines and Technologies (FORESIGHT)
STEWART, SUZANNE CIHR – Grants Holistic Indigenous Mental Health and Wellness: Transforming health care strenghts and solutions
STEWART, SUZANNE Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Ministry Indigenous Spinal Cord Injury & Traumatic Brain Injury: WB Professorship
STRIKE, CAROL CIHR – Grants The impact of the converging epidemics of COVID-19 and fentanyl related overdoes on addictions medicine: stakeholder perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for change
SUN, LEI Natural Sciences & Engineering Statistical methods for complex gtenetic data
TARLO, SUSAN Workplace Safety and Insurance Occupational exposure to vapours, gases, dusts and fumes and the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA L CIHR – Grants Improving surgical safety: Understanding and aligning interventions for safety threats and resilience supports
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA L Natural Sciences & Engineering Designing Tools to Support Cognitive Decision Making Under Uncertainty
UPSHUR, ROSS EDWARD Canadian Red Cross Blood Gap analysis and Evaluation for the Canadian Red Cross Program “Equalizing Access to Naloxone and Opioid Poisoning Education with a Focus on Rural, Remote and Isolated Communities”
WODCHIS, WALTER Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Ministry Health System Performance Network
WODCHIS, WALTER CIHR – Grants Identifying strategies for successful implementation of primary healthcare teams: longitudinal case studies across three Canadian provinces
XU, WEI Natural Sciences & Engineering Methodology Development and Implementation for Microbiome Sequencing Data: Hierarchical Modeling on Clustered Taxa Counts with Repeated Measures