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Selection of research projects held at DLSPH in the 2018-19 grant year:

Principal Investigator Funder Project Title
ABRAMOVICH, ALEX SSHRC Understanding LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness in York Region
ANDERSON, GEOFF CIHR Developing Tools That Predict Use of Breast Cancer Screening and Stage at Breast Cancer Diagnosis
ANDERSON, GEOFF Commonwealth Fund Health Care Delivery for High-Need, High-Cost Populations: International Perspectives on the Way Forward, Phase 2
ANDERSON, GEOFF Ministry of Health and Long Term Care / CIHR The Network for Better Access and Care for Complex Needs (BEACCON)
BAKER, ROSS Canadian Patient Safety Institute Measurement process for the Safer Healthcare Now: Assessing the impact of 6 interventions to improve patient safety in Canadian hospitals.
BANERJEE, ANANYA SSHRC Exploring the Influence of Migration on Diabetes among Sri Lankan Immigrants through an Intersectional Analytical Framework
BANERJEE, ANANYA Lawson Foundation South Asian Adolescent Diabetes Awareness Program (SAADAP) Photovoice Exhibit
BAXTER, NANCY American College of Physicians Health services utilization after BRCA1/2 testing in Canada
BENOIT, ANITA CIHR Reducing stress and improving mental health and wellness among Indigenous women with socio-economic insecurities living with and without HIV
BERTA, WHITNEY CIHR SUSTAINMENT, SUSTAINABILITY AND SPREAD STUDY (SSASSy): An Exploratory Study of Factors that Contribute to the Sustainability, Sustainment & Spread of a Complex Quality Improvement
BRAITSTEIN, PAULA CIHR Adapting and scaling-up a Peer Navigators to targeted populations of street-involved youth in Canada and Kenya to increase linkage to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.
BRAITSTEIN, PAULA CIHR Evaluating a population-based HIV treatment as prevention
BRIOLLAIS, LAURENT Natural Sciences & Engineering Bayesian graphical models for the analysis of complex genetic data
BROOK, JEFFREY NCE: Allergy, Genes and Better Exposure Avoidance Measures (BEAM)
BROOK, JEFFREY CIHR CANadian Urban Environmental (CANUE) Health Research Consortium
BROOKS, JENNIFER Connaught Fund Evaluation of effectiveness of risk prediction models used in the High Risk Ontario Breast Screening Program
BROOKS, JENNIFER CIHR MRI parenchymal enhancement and risk of breast cancer: A population-based study of women screened in the Ontario Breast Screening Program
BROWN, ADALSTEINN Connaught Fund Journalism Training for Health Research Impact
BROWN, ADALSTEINN Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Centre for Evidence and Health in All Policies (CEHIAP)
BROWN, ADALSTEINN Connaught Fund The Benefits of pneumococcal vaccination for seniors: A Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases Interdisciplinary project on healthy aging and immunization science
BROWN, PATRICK Natural Sciences & Engineering Inference on spatio-temporal log Gaussian Cox processes for spatially aggregated disease incidence data
BUCHAN, SARAH AW Hospital for Sick Children Burden, cost, and development of asthma related to severe RSV infections
BULL, SHELLEY Natural Sciences & Engineering Regression Models for Data Integration in Genetics and Genomics
CALZAVARA, LIVIANA CIHR – Grants Observational evaluation of immediate antiretroviral therapy on HIV incidence among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Shanghai, China
CHAITON, MICHAEL National Institutes of Health (US) Evaluating Canada’s Menthol Ban
CHIARELLI, ANNA Research and Innovation (ON), Min Personalized Risk Assessment for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Integration and Implementation (PERSPECTIVE II)
DEMERS, PAUL WorkSafe BC Mesothelioma Epidemiology and Prognosis
DI RUGGIERO, ERICA Community Foundations of Canada The Statistical Alliance for Vital Events (SAVE) Queen Elizabeth Scholarship-Advanced Scholars Program (SAVE-QES)
DI RUGGIERO, ERICA Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Public Health Training for Equitable and Transformative Systems Change
DU MONT, JANICE Social Sciences & Humanities Building an Intersectoral Network on Trans-Affirming Practice to Support Sexual Assault Survivors
FISMAN, DAVID CIHR – Grants An Online Platform for Expanding Antibiotic Stewardship: OPEN Stewardship
GAGNON, FRANCE CIHR – Grants Sex differences in the risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism: testing an epigenetic hypothesis
GAGNON, FRANCE CIHR – Grants Sex-specific DNA methylation marks in VKORC1 and UBIAD1 as variables in clinical decision rules for recurrent VTE
GAGNON, FRANCE McLaughlin Centre A Unified Polygenic Risk Score Analytics Platform for Risk Prediction, Causal Inference and Discovery
GIBSON, JENNIFER CIHR – Grants Planning for Equitable AI in Public Health Research Practice
GIGNAC, MONIQUE Social Sciences & Humanities / CIHR Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED): A Partnership to Deliver Workplace Tools and Resources to Sustain the Employment of People with Chronic, Episodic Conditions
GIGNAC, MONIQUE Social Sciences & Humanities Conceal or Reveal: Facilitators and Barriers to Older Workers’ Communication of Accommodation Needs in the Workplace and its Relationship to Work Outcomes
GRACE, DANIEL Research and Innovation (ON), Min Learning from the experiences of Canada’s first wave of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) users: An investigation of Ontario gay men’s experiences using new HIV prevention technology
HOLNESS, LINN Labour (ON), Min of Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease
KUSTRA, RAFAL Natural Sciences & Engineering Computational and Inferential Tools for Machine Learning Methods in Biostatistical Research
MARCHILDON, GREGORY Alzheimer Society of Canada / CIHR Comparative Policy Analysis of Programs to Support People with Dementia and Co-Existing Complex Needs and their Caregivers
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA Social Sciences & Humanities Building across Turtle Island: Creating a Community of Practice and Graduate Student Journal for Indigenous Health
MASHFORD-PRINGLE, ANGELA Connaught Fund Mamwi Gidaanjitoomin (Together, We Change It) Project
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN Cdn Partnership Against Cancer Corp Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
MILLER, FIONA CIHR – Grants Blockbuster Diagnostics? The political economy of diagnostic innovation in comparative perspective
PULLENAYEGUM, ELEANOR Natural Sciences & Engineering Statistical Methods for Irregularly Measured Longitudinal Statistical Methods for Irregularly Measured Longitudinal Data
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR – Grants Planning tools to inform interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and premature mortality in Canadian cities
ROSELLA, LAURA Tri-Agency Institutional Program Deep Learning Frameworks for Chronic Diseases in the Population
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR – Grants Population health analytics in action: Improving impact, sustainability & equity of the health care system
ROSELLA, LAURA CIHR – Grants Enabling Equity and AI: Population Level AI and Data Science Infrastructure
ROSELLA, LAURA Connaught Fund Beyond prediction: Building a global network to unlock the potential of advanced analytics and population risk tools to address complex health system challenges
ROSS, LORI Public Health Agency of Canada An intervention to enhance the capacity of providers working in trauma services to respond to the needs of LGBTQ2+ clients
ROSS, LORI Social Sciences & Humanities Inclusion or illusion? A qualitative, participatory study of the experiences of peer researchers
SAARELA, OLLI Connaught Fund Causal Mediation Analysis Methods for Evaluating Health Care Provider Performance
SAARELA, OLLI Natural Sciences & Engineering Towards more dynamic modeling of high-dimensional register-based data
SCHWARTZ, KEVIN Physicians’ Services Inc. Foundatio The Ontario Program To Improve AntiMIcrobial USE (OPTIMISE): Building the Foundation for a Community Stewardship Program
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health Canada Study of Cigarette Price Segmentation in the Canadian Market
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Social Sciences & Humanities Strategies to Alleviate Social Problem: From Symbols to Reality
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT PARN(Peterborough AIDS Resource Net Measuring Food Literacy
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Research on Advancing Cessation Treatment (RE:ACT)
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Research on electronic cigarettes and water pipes (RECIG2-WP)
SCHWARTZ, ROBERT Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) Transition 2018/19
SCOTT, JEREMY Natural Sciences & Engineering Impact of environmental air pollution on arginine metabolism in the lung
SELLEN, DANIEL International Development Research IDRC Evaluation: Food, Environment, and Health Program Evaluation 2015-2020
SETO, EMILY Natural Sciences & Engineering Development of expert systems for complex chronic health conditions
SETO, EMILY CIHR – Grants Development of a telemonitoring app for management of patients with multiple chronic conditions within an integrated care model
SHEPPARD, AMANDA CIHR – Grants Link, monitor, strategize: First Nations, Inuit, Métis peoples’ cancer burden in Canada
SIDDIQI, ARJUMAND CIHR – Grants Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Opioid-Related Health Inequities
SMYLIE, JANET Merck Canada Inc(f/Merck Frosst Can Kind Faces, Sharing Places:  A Multi-Component Demonstration Project Addressing Underlying Causes of Indigenous Maternal and Infant Morbidity and Mortality in Ontario
STAFFORD, JAMES Natural Sciences & Engineering Local-EM, spatial-temporal modeling and mismeasured data
STEWART, SUZANNE Social Sciences & Humanities Breaking Bad: Challenging Aboriginal Employment Policy Using Aboriginal Knowledges
STRIKE, CAROL Social Sciences & Humanities Advancing research integrity in HIV social science research
STRIKE, CAROL CIHR – Grants Day Health Programs for complex care delivery: Using implementation science and participatory methods to evaluate success and ethical care delivery
STRIKE, CAROL CIHR – Grants Looking back to look ahead at the CAHR Strategic Plan 2019-2024
STRUG, LISA Natural Sciences & Engineering Development of Evidential Methodology for Analysis of Genetic Data
SUN, LEI Natural Sciences & Engineering Statistical methods for complex gtenetic data
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA Natural Sciences & Engineering Designing Tools to Support Cognitive Decision Making Under Uncertainty
TRBOVICH, PATRICIA Hospital for Sick Children Embedding Human Factors in Critical Care
UPSHUR, ROSS Health Canada Air Quality Health Index in Primary Care:  A Feasibility Study
WEBSTER, FIONA CIHR – Awards CIHR New Investigator Award-Finding the complex patient in patient-centred care: an institutional ethnography of chronic pain management in family medicine
WEI, XIAOLIN Stop TB Reach Partnership Improving drug-sensitive TB patients’ treatment adherence through cloud based e-monitors and video observed treatment in Tibet
WODCHIS, WALTER Ontario SPOR Support Unit Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN).
WODCHIS, WALTER Health and Long-Term Care (ON), Min Health System Performance Research Network
XU, WEI Natural Sciences & Engineering Methodology Development and Implementation for Microbiome Sequencing Data: Hierarchical Modeling on Clustered Taxa